Vectra Problems - PC123
A mate of mine has a \'W\' Reg Vectra 2.0 TD. Upon revving to about 4000 - 4500 ish revs, the engine cuts out, and limits to about 2000 revs. It remains like this until the engine is turned off, and it then resets itself, and is okay again until revved to this amount.

Any ideas??

Vectra Problems - Cyrill666 {P}

I had a similar problem last year:

The eventual diagnosis was a couple of perished vac hoses (the computer diagnosis cost £50.40 VAT and the two vacuum pipes were £1.55 VAT each)

I also had a problem very recently resulting in the \"expensive\" light coming on when the engine was under load and at the top of the turbo range - this resulted in the car dropping into \"limp home\" mode (revs limited much lower and no turbo) - this time it was sorted with a new airflow meter:

Hope this is of some help to you.

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