Skid avoidance training - Ppaul
Hi all,

It's soon my birthday and was thinking of getting some lessons in a skid car.

Does anyone know who I should contact for this?

I am in Staffordshire.

Thanks in advance
Skid avoidance training - borasport20
it will be money well spent, (whoever's money it is)

I'd guess Oulton Park (cheshire) would be your nearest.

plugging 'skid' and 'oulton park' into google shows lots of web sites offering skid tuition, but I didn't have time to work out if the circuit itself offers skid pan tuition.

check out google to get some price comparisons

Bora - what Bora ?
Skid avoidance training - matt35 {P}
Have a look at the ABD website
go to LINKS - top left on page
go to Motoring Misc
go to Index to Advanced/Track etc

Skid avoidance training - Vin {P}
Definitely a good buy. My wife looked on google for skid pan training, IIRC.

For comments as to fun quotient, see:

For potential lifesaving benefits, see:

You'll have a great day and might save your life.

Skid avoidance training - Sooty Tailpipes
I once went on one where the car was mounted ina sort of gimble with castors, and the castors could be hydraulicly jacked up by the tutor to simulate a skid (by lifting the weight off the roadwheels to varying degrees)

I found it to be rubbish and very unrealistic, as there was no sensation of a real skid, and the grip was impossible to pre-empt based on what you could see through the windscreen.

I prefered the little go I had on a skid pan that used soap and water on a circuit.
Skid avoidance training - matt35 {P}
What Sooty is saying is, I think, do it in your own car.
You will not have an emergency in a simulator on the M25 - to have any value, do it in your own motor, don't be give a monkeys about who is watching, and enjoy the experience.
When I did it, they used engine oil and water - took me three weeks to get the mess off my car, so don't wash it before you go.
Skid avoidance training - Sooty Tailpipes
One winter, there was some icy frozen snow, and I went to the local Park and ride site at about 8pm and whizzed all over that, it was very educational. As long as you're really are driving like you would if really slipping on ice on the roads and not wheelspinning at 5000rpm and spinning round in circles no-one seems to mind, even a Police car stopped, but left after a minute, because to be honest, I was teaching myself not to skid, and recover sensibly if I did, nit doing James Bond stunts.
Skid avoidance training - Hawesy1982
When i was a 'new' driver my county council ran a course including a go in a special skid-pan mounted car, on an airfield, with a class 1 police driver as teacher. I found it very interesting and eyeopening at the time. This was a free course aimed at drivers with under 1 year's experience, but im sure they ran something similar for other drivers.

This was in Hertfordshire, perhaps Staffordshire run a similar scheme?

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