new premises. - chris watson
i am looking for new business premises, as the area i am in is very run down. i have seen a four car workshop, with electric, running hot and cold water, a toilet, and a new roof, but i dont know if £55 per week is a good rent, as i owned the last place i havent a clue about rents. the workshop is in whitley bay, in a good location. any ideas???
Re: new premises. - Mark (Brazil)
If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion...

I have no idea which of your queries are genuine, in which case I would be prepared to help if I could, and which of your queries are total wossname and not worthy of the disk space they occupy.

If you care one way or the other, I would suggest that you clear up what is true and what is not, what is genuine and what is fantasy, and indicate which subjects you really want advice on.

This would help everybody including, I would suggest, you.

On the other hand its possible you don't want to and its equally possible that everything you say is of little value; if either of these is the case then I'm sure you won't see the value in bothering to act seriously.

Re: new premises. - chris watson
this is a serious thing, i AM looking for new premises, i just dont know how much to pay for a good workshop.
Re: new premises. - Mark (Brazil)
I think you skated over most of my point.
Re: new premises. - Stuart B

Mark has a totally valid point, it has got to the situation where I only comment on your posts either

a) to extract the urine or
b) where I believe that an answer to the question might help *somebody else* quite frankly I dont give a stuff about whether you get any benefit from the answer or not, hence putting the somebody else in bold.

BTW £55 a week rent gets you square root of nothing in terms of commercial premises round our way. Either its totally different in Whitley Bay or once again you are insulting our intelligence.

Without humour or regards
Re: new premises. - Chris
£55???? That might give you room to repair one bicycle (if you took the wheels off and left them outside). Five years ago when I lived in Newcastle, a two bedroom flat in Heaton (not bad, but not good) would set you back about £90 a week. Five years later you're saying an equipped workshop in Whitley (much better than Heaton) is £55? A joke, right?

Re: new premises. - chris watson
no its not a joke, i would give you the phone number of the agent, but you might take it instead of me, i thought it was a good price, but i wasnt sure.

i am only thinking of moving to whitley bay, because of the guy in percy main who wants money off me. THIS IS NOT A JOKE, THIS IS REAL.
Re: new premises. - Chris
Well, it certainly looks cheap, so go for it if you think the place looks good for you. It might be worth finding out locally what the going rate is, though, because low prices on things like this can sometimes hide a kickback from somewhere else - "So, how about servicing these taxis, and we'll make sure no harm comes to you..."

Re: new premises. - Mark (Brazil)
> no its not a joke, i would give you the phone number of the

It may not be, you are.
Re: new premises. - chris watson
get a life you sad person, what have i done to you.
Re: new premises. - Stuart B
Listen you wassock, what a stupid question to put on the net.

You continue to ask us to believe that you need *us* to tell you whether the rent on these alleged premises is right or not. Despite the fact that two of us who have taken the trouble to post are not even in the flaming country!

When the only judge who can offer a proper opinion is a person on the ground who has seen these alleged premises *and* knows the local property market. Plus the only person who knows whether your virtual business can afford 55 quid is you.

My advice is get back to school you waster, get on with your homework and one day you might get to wear long trousers.

My sincere apologies to everyone else in the Backroom for this outburst. Martyn (BRM) I guess you now realise I have and will not change my opinion about this tw.........

Watson I am not even going to read your posts from now on.

I would say good bye but the derivation of that is God be with ye and I cant bring myself to say it.

As I say sorry to everyone else, bad day at the coal face!
Re: new premises. - chris watson
why are you going on at me, what have i done, its not my fault that you live in some god forsaken country, i think you are a complete wa*ker, and should not be allowed to use this forum,

Stuart B, i hope your computer gets a killer virus.
Guy's Lodger - Guy Lacey
My lodger is upset. He pays £50/week for a bedroom and that doesn't include Sky/Phone/Beer let alone the ability to house 4 x 4-post hydraulic ramps and MOT Testing station.

Grow up.
Re: Guy's Lodger - David Woollard
The lodger?
Where were all the girls?

Do bear in mind a workshop can be quite cheap, virtually.........but, in reality, a flat can be more expensive.

Re: Guy's Lodger - Martyn (Back Room Moderator)
David Woollard wrote:
> The lodger?
> He?
> Where were all the girls?

You have a one-track mind, DW!

This thread has amused me. Most of CW's yarns amuse me. But Stuart B has a point (no, Stuart, I won't delete your post) when he tells you, Chris Watson, that your question was misplaced.

Chris (CW), I don't want to be seen to be too heavy-handed, but unless you begin to separate fact from fantasy, you'll soon lose your posting privileges here.
Re: Guy's Lodger - chris watson
this is real, the place is off whitley road in whitley bay, behind a second hand shop and the salvation army office. please believe me.
Re: Guy's Lodger - Guy Lacey
Hey DW! I'm not that bad!

.......and the girls stay for free.
Hello Chris...... - Micky
..are you a proper Northerner, or are you just pretending? Why eye mon (is that right?),


Re: Hello Chris...... - chris watson
div'nt say that man, aye im a geordie.
Re: Hello Chris...... - chris watson
haway the lads, toon army.
Try a more pleasant bulletin board....... - What The ???
Sorry about the idiots here.

Have you looked at the Motley Fool bulletin Boards.

They have a "Does Anybody Know ...." board which you might get a proper answer from.

Certainly a better community of posters, unlike here by the looks of things.
So you're not a....... - Micky
....desperado then "What The ???" (is that your given name?).


Re: So you're not a....... - Me Again
I used "What The" because I couldn't believe the nasty response Chris' original post got.

Just no need for such nastiness is there?
Re: So you're not a....... - Alvin Booth
Come on fellas lighten up a bit.
Chris does provide us with a little entertainment and certainly brings a smile to my face when I read his posts.
Sometimes unkindly I imagine him sitting in the front of his computer in some old Victorian lunatic asylum with a manic expression surrounded by inventors books and nurses.
No sorry about that Chris it just my fertile imagination.....
He does give us a laugh and always a response from us so anything which gives us a some humour has got to be good.
In actual fact I'm sure there is more than one Chris Watson using his computer as his phraseology changes from time to time.
We should take Chris's posts as we choose individually and not respond as if he were using obscenities or being abusive to others.
Moderation towards Chris please.....
Re: So you're not a....... - chris watson
i let friends use the computer sometimes.
Re: So you're not a....... - David Woollard
........We should take Chris's posts as we choose individually and not respond as if he were using obscenities or being abusive to others.

Sorry Alvin but you are wrong, for weeks people have been "giving the chap a chance" in polite firm language. Hear are some of the replies from the boy....

as for andy, P155 OFF.

my job is real, i am not a stupid git like the the rest of the idiots on this forum (DW, and that bloody andy bairsto),

im sorry but no list, as it would be easier to put who i DO like.

look you loser, i only want some advice, not your stupid remarks, if you do not have a good answer, then just say nothing

i wish i could say what i really think about you andy, but that would make this a 18 year olds only website

the only planks around seems to be some of the other people on this forum (no names given, and certainly not mine).

my super lada, it should be in max power magazine soon, it has about £8000 of I.C.E (in car entertainment), £2000 worth of alloys, £350 worth of new tyres, new turbo which cost £1700

who are you to call my cars, you sad wa*ker. p155 off

i own my own vehicle technical centre (in other words i am a mechanic) and i currently have a turnover of £120.000 a year.

i am one of the leaders of a new political party

get a life you sad person, what have i done to you.

i think you are a complete wa*ker, and should not be allowed to use this forum, Stuart B, i hope your computer gets a killer virus.

Do we really needs this type of post here? (I'm sorry for sensitive types to have it all concentrated together)

Re: So you're not a....... - chris watson
these are in response to people going on about me, alot of the people on this website are liars, but i only lie about little things, i hope to set up a website to show you who i really am.

its a shame that we cant all be civil, if other people stopped going on at me, i would stop going on at them.
the Man with the Lamp - Randolph Lee
Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive... And it
is VERY HARD WORK dealing in'stretchers' all the time... telling the truth is so much easier... you no longer have
to keep track of all of your old Porkies and keep them consistant for one thing.

All a man has that is of true worth is his Honour... it takes a lifetime of
fair dealing and straight talk to develop a reputation as a straight
shooter. You are young and still have chance to mend your ways.

Try to channel your imagination and 'creative' skills into areas where they
will be an asset and earn respect... take up fiction perhaps on your own web
site But if you want to post fiction here I do not think anyone would mind
if you identified it as such.

don't post to threads with half remembered tips as if they came form
experience that is yet to come.

Don't start threads just for the fun of seeing your name at the top of the
list for a while... post serious questions and after a while you can win
back your credibility...

Uncle Randolph

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