Avoiding Parking Fines - Dogbreath
In London there is a total lack of parking spaces for motorbikes.

I have seen bikes recently parked illegally on the pavement - normally they would get slapped with a ticket within minutes.

The bikers however are leaving their bikes with rough covers/plastic bags over the number plates. Presumably the wardens won't touch the bikes and therefore as he/she can't read the plate no ticket can be given.
Avoiding Parking Fines - Dynamic Dave



Avoiding Parking Fines - martint123
Dave, you've got too much free time ;-)
Avoiding Parking Fines - BrianW
Parked on the paved pedestrianised square outside next door to our office here, there has been what I can only describe as a self-propelled toolbox.
During the day it is completely covered by dust sheets but when the "meter maids" (if only) go off duty, these come off and it is driven away.

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