Coil problems on Renaults - JAJ
On reading this site regularly I have only ever noticed issues with coilpacks on VAG products however I'd like all to know that it also extends to Renaults. My wife's Scenic (2001 - 1.6) packed up last week at 18k miles. Apparently 1 coil of the four had gone (driving to the garage was very lumpy) but they replaced all four.

The receptionist knew exactly what the problem was and explained they saw cases of it daily and had plenty of stock of spare coils. Service was immediate and resolved within an hour. So overall feedback of resolution is great - having said that why is it happening so frequently ?

Coil problems on Renaults - BobbyG
Same thing happened to my friends Scenic - only difference being each time the AA came out they only replaced one coil( AA now carry Scenic coils as standard kit). Eventually it went to Renault garage and had all changes at the one time. No problems since.
Coil problems on Renaults - bazza
Yes it's a common failure but not to the extent of the VAG problem nor have they had the replacement supply problems as far as I'm aware. But it's nothing new, been around a while.
Coil problems on Renaults - SR
The supply problem with VAG products made things much worse - they didn't have enough stock to replace all 4, so SEAT have only decided to offer this very recently - unfortunately I found this out 2 days after my car had been in at the dealer....
Coil problems on Renaults - davemar
I've suffered the same problem on my 1.6 8v Megane, albeit with 70k miles on the clock. One coil pack (of the two) failed a couple of months ago, which resulted in the cat being destroyed due to all the unburnt fuel getting to it. Unfortuantely I let it misfire and tried to struggle on with the problem, without really knowing a failing coil pack was the cause. If had I known before I wouldn't have carried on and may have saved my cat. A couple of weeks ago, the car 'coughed' for a couple of seconds, and I knew straightaway this time that the other coil pack must be on the way out, so I replaced that right away!

I think its almost worth spending £100 on a pair of coil packs if they haven't packed up yet on your Megane, just to keep them ready for when does fail. It's cheaper than replacing your cat, and only takes 5 minutes to fit.

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