Is the 306 to be avoided? - MB
Is it fair to say given all the problems listed on this side of the site that the 306 is probably a car to be avoided...
Are there any happy owners out there?
Is the 306 to be avoided? - mph_turbo
I would not go as far as saying that the 306 is a car to be avoided. Certainly, its build quality is a bit patchy and small fiddly things go wrong but in eight years and 143k miles of owning and enjoying a 306 D Turbo, I have found that the car is reasonably sound mechanically.

Definitely, the handling and overall feedback to teh driver makes up for things like central locking going wrong.

Is the 306 to be avoided? - solara
I've had my 306DT for the past 7 years 126k on the clock (10 years old).
A mechanically sound car.
If you can live with the clutch and sort out the electrical problems caused by breaks in the wire conduit to the door, a fairly reliable car.
With diesels being heavy, you get the usual wear and tear of link-rods and arm-bushes. As long as it has been serviced regularly (every 6k), should be reliable.
If you do buy a diesel, get one with PAS, and turbo is a joy to have.
Is the 306 to be avoided? - hm
I have a my 306Dt for 4 years (its a 1995) shes on 140K and still running fine. there have been a couple of issues with her but nothing that a DYI person can not handle.

I must admit I have not heard good things about the petrol models but the DT's and HDI are great.

I would quite happily upgrade my 95 to a new model HDI is I could afford to.
Is the 306 to be avoided? - Hawesy1982
hmmmm....good question

My 306 ('95 DTurbo 128k) drives beautifully, absolutely miles ahead of anything else in its price range/insurance group, and when its working fine i have no desire for any other car.

HOWEVER, in the 4.5 months i've had mine:-

The drivers side electric window collapsed
The power steering pump starting leaking
The radiator started leaking
The drop-links started rattling
The heater stopped heating
The head gasket is a major worry to me.

So, in conclusion, it's a fantastic car, just make sure you really check it out well before you buy, and buy from a dealer with a decent warranty - i bought mine privately and as it was my first car and i was inexperienced as to what to look for i'd already decided upon it before i rang the doorbell, a mistake i will *never* be making again! That said, i would definitely consider another one but id be much more careful when buying
Is the 306 to be avoided? - Andrew-T
I have owned a 95M XRdt, a 97P XTdt, a 96N 2-litre cabrio, and now have a 99T Meridian HDi - all bought used with about 20K on the clock. Nothing has failed on any of them, though admittedly mileages have all been low. I had the soggy rear dampers replaced on the cabrio. That's all - draw your own conclusions from my sample of 4.
Is the 306 to be avoided? - Ross_D
I certainly don't think they are to be avoided, its just there are a lot of them out there and I think most of the 306 owners are the type who would rather do DIY servicing and repairs.
If anyone, its not the 306 but the dealers that are to be avoided. Perhaps thats why the 306 has its own place on this forum, instead of taking it to the dreaded dealers they can find the answer on here for free!

Yes, the 306 does have its fair share of common problems, Head gaskets on the DT, broken door wires and droplinks, but they are all well documented and looking through the posts the majority of them seem to be on this topic. Perhaps that's another common 306 owner problem, being unable to use the Forum Search!

(And yes, I love my 1995 306 Dt to bits!!)
Is the 306 to be avoided? - solara
Agree with Hd's comments.

It just happens that HJ is the best source for finding solutions to your 306 problems. I've tried other forums, and they are just ghost towns.

Dont be put off by the 306 threads. They are all helpful to us 306 owners!

Is the 306 to be avoided? - DL
Worked on a 237,000 mile 306 non-turbo last week - MOT & Service.

Needed four rear axle mounting bushes and a couple of flexible front brake hoses to get a certificate. Drove well, too!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....

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