Escort tyres - Butler
One of my rear tyres is 10cm wider than the others, is this a problem, or will it be ok to leave it as it is long term?
Escort tyres - Stargazer {P}
Yes, this is a problem. At first I misread your message and assumed it was the space saver spare tyre....but you say the odd tyre is WIDER than the rest.

Have you checked what is the standard tyre for your car?

Check the sizes of all the wheels/tyres (including the spare) and post back. If the spare matches the rest of the tyres and is legal then put this on instead of the wide tyre.

Ian L.

Escort tyres - Butler
A few weeks ago I changed my rear drivers tyre for the spare tyre (which is 10cm wider), as the original tyre wasnt roadworthy. The standard tyre for my car is the other 3 tyres, and I put the wider tyre on as a short term measure, but want to know if it is ok to leave it on longer term?, and if not why not? Cheers
Escort tyres - RichardW
I presume you mean it's 10mm wider not 10 cm eg 145 vs 155 - otherwise it would look a bit silly :-))

Anyway, it's an MOT failure:

So get one that's the right size, or fit one to the other side that is the same size!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Escort tyres - Stargazer {P}
Having a non matching tyre makes the car technically unroadworthy and is an MOT fail as Richard says, not having a roadworthy spare is plain silly. Apart from the rules, a tyre 10cm wider than the rest (do you really mean 10cm?) will affect handling and in the event of an accident it might be noted as a contributary cause and invalidate insurance.

Buy a matching pair of tyres to replace the extra wide one and the unroadworthy original, put the two new tyres on the back of the car and the other rear tyre in the boot as the spare.

Ian L.
Escort tyres - Butler
Fair point .... I meant 10mm!! Ok cheers for the advice, will buy another tyre as the MOT is relatively soon.
Escort tyres - Butler
Is there anywhere relatively cheap online where I could buy a spare, and have it delivered?
Escort tyres - escort man
Is there anywhere relatively cheap online where I could buy a
spare, and have it delivered?
Escort tyres - Sooty Tailpipes
All Vauxhalls with decent sized alloys come with a smaller steel spare, this isn't a space saver (ie a coloured little wheelbarrow wheel) its just a normal steel wheel off the base model with a normal Michelin Pilot on it. It says in the manual this is legal, but the usual one should be replaced as soon as possible.
Escort tyres - robZilla
My Vectra has 15" alloys and a steel spare of *the same* size. All the tyres are 195/65s..
Escort tyres - Stargazer {P}

Just a couple of points....
1. dont forget to change the unroadworthy original as well as the non-standard tyre.
2. check the size of the spare steel wheel to make sure it matches the is not inconceivable that the original spare wheel/tyre was lost or stolen and the odd sized one you have doesnt match because it came from a scrap yard....check the wheel size and tyre size.




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