Bentley vs the rest - Stargazer {P}
Saw a great documentry last night, Channel 4 8pm-9pm. All about the classic years of the Bentley 4, 6 and 7 litre racing cars of the 1920s and early 1930s. Great footage of the early LeMans and Indy500.

The 7 litre Bentleys literally dwarfed the opposition Mercedes, Bugatti and Auto-Union (Porsche). But come the 1930s and the entry of politics to motor racing (Hitler and Mussolini) the german marques were winning everything in sight and Bentley were running out of money due to the lack of sales of Presitge cars in the depression.

Worth it for the historic film footage. Next week is the land speed record.

Ian L.

Bentley vs the rest - 3500S
Yep, a superb piece of motoring journalism right down to what must be very rare audio of the actual Bentley Boys celebrating their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Le Mans.

The only disappointment was they omitted the fact that the reason Hitler put so much money into the Auto Union development was to hide a much more sinister crossover project - fighter plane engines.

Other than that a brilliant documentary wish I'd taped it.

Bentley vs the rest - Altea Ego
You can find other very good videos and docu's like this at the Brooklands museum. Anyone interested in pre war racing should got here for a day out (as should anyone interested in aviation)
Check out one of their theme days. Try and stand at the top of the banking where the Bently boys honed their skill.

Brooklands are hoping to get a concorde fuselage ( as most of it was built there) to put on display

Bentley vs the rest - Garethj
When visitng Brooklands try and climb your way to the top of the banking to see how steep it really is! You can't convey it on a photo or on film.

Bentley vs the rest - smokie
Bentley were 1st & 2nd at le Mans last year, albeit in an updated car!

Unfortunately they are not appearing in the Le Mans 1000km this weekend, but here's the list of those who are:

I think it will be cold and wet, but am looking forward to it...
Bentley vs the rest - smokie
Oh, and there was a Le Mans Legends race immediately prior to the 24h last year with a spectacular entry list...

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