Astra Gear lever gaiter - Immst24
Can somebody tell me how to replace the gear lever gaiter on a 1999 Astra. The old one is falling apart.
Astra Gear lever gaiter - Dynamic Dave
If the same as a Cavalier, you\'ll have to remove the gear lever.

Pull back on the front edge of the gaiter, and free it\'s lower end from the centre console to allow access to the base of the lever.

Release the clip from the base of the lever shaft, then withdraw the pivot pin, and lift out the lever.

Immerse the gearknob in hot water (approx 80 deg C) for a few mins, then twist the knob and tap it from the lever. There\'s a strong possibility that the knob will be destroyed during removal, so get a new one at the same time as you get the new gaiter.

Slide the old gaiter from the lever, and fit the new one.
Refit the knob, again preheating in hot water and drive it on with a soft faced mallet. Ensure knob is facing the correct way around.

Refitting the gear lever is the reversal of removal.
Astra Gear lever gaiter - Immst24
Thanks I\'ll give it a go at the weekend.
Astra Gear lever gaiter - NormanB
I would not wish to contradict DD (who knows way more than me when it comes to motors) but I have just looked at my daughters Astra (1992 1.4i) and I do not think you need to remove the gearlever.

If you release the trim around the bottom of the gaiter and lift it up tight against the lever you will ow see the inside of the gaiter and that it is secured at the top with a tie wrap.

I think if you are dextrous you should be able to slip a new one in and fit a new tie wrap without too much problem.

Have a look see what you reckon?

Astra Gear lever gaiter - Dynamic Dave
NormanB, your suggestion is just as feasible as mine. I was quoting from a Haynes manual on how they suggest changing a gaiter on a Vaux Cavalier, which, IIRC, has the same gearlever as an Astra.

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