Distraction - Ppaul
I know it's not strictly car-related but I'll keep it short.

I was unfortunate to watch a quiz programme on C4 on Friday.

The "winner" received a brand new mini as her prize. BUT

She had to answer a further 5 questions before actually winning. Answering incorrectly resulted in her having to "remove" a part of the car.

In summary she:

1) Removed the wing mirrors with a baseball bat.
2) Smashed the headlights with a hammer.
3) Spray painted the driver's door.
4) Smashed the windscreen with a sledgeghammer.

Personally I thought the whole thing was going too far. My question is, How much will it cost the winner to put it back together again??

Any ideas?
Distraction - Pugugly {P}
Stupid. Any wonder we're turning into a nation of Yobs.
Distraction - Ian (Cape Town)
Concur. Is this what you pay a TV license for? Malicious damage to property has become a source of entertainment now, has it?

How long before there are some TV-inspired 'copy cat' attacks?

What next - tune in to see "Smash and Grab" - contestants answer questions of the low-brow variety, and earn 'seconds'. At the end of the show, they have those seconds to beat in a Mondeo window, get into the car, remove the radio and speakers, plus the CDs, then crowbar the boot open, and get the leather jacket, laptop and briefcase. Bonus marks for jacking it up, and nicking the alloys.
They could have Bruce Forsyth hosting it (is he still alive?):
"And Kevin from Watford gets a panasonic 12 Cd changer, a toshiba laptop, a nokia phone, and a set of 16 inch alloys! DIDN'T HE DO WELL?"
"but he disn't get time to leave a 'calling card' on the seat, so he misses the bonus prize of throwing the petrol bomb in..."

Without trying to turn this into a political rant, I think the expression is 'bread and circuses'...
Distraction - Andrew-T
Reminds me of piano-smashing contests which I believe were a fad among students in the sixties, when old pub pianos cost about a fiver. Rather less than a new Mini though. Crass!
Distraction - AR-CoolC
This reminds me of a letter I sent into Jim'll Fix It circa 1980 asking if I could smash up a roller with a sledge hammer.

Never did get a reply.


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