escort 1.8td head gasket - elrikos
hoping you guys can help again with this.
i suspect my head gasket has started to go on my 1994 escort 1.8td. the water in the header tank has always been costant at the max but has taken a dive to min. also the car seems very laggy when you put your foot down where recently it was all there. could this be the problem or am i looking in the wrong place? (engine temperature has always been easily in the normal range, never venturing hotter than half way up the scale).
if it does need doing what precaution should i take (i've done head gaskets on a few mini engines and a ford 1.6 zetec). i have the haynes manual for the diesel engine but it doenst cover the turbo. does head gasket replacement get trickier with the turbo involved or is ti fairly straightforward?
thanks for the help
p.s. any suggestions as to anything else that could be causing this and an idea of parts costs (as i plan to do this myself if at all possible).


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