The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - LongDriver {P}

I will start this one off...

So who do you think the new Stig is then....?

Could be female from the physique...?
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - Wales Forester
Did they ever officially reveal the last Stig's identity?

My money is on the 'new' Stig still being Perry McCarthy, they've just bought him a new helmet and racesuit!

Wish Top Gear would show some run of the mill cars for a change, one's that the vast majority of viewers may actually be able to afford.

The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - matt35 {P}
You can buy a copy of 'Flat Out - Flat Broke' by 'Perry McCarthy - The Stig' from
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - GrumpyOldGit
The new one does look suspiciously similar in build to the old one, unless all racing drivers are that size?
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - Altea Ego
Now I could be made to look stupid here, but I think it is indeed a new Stig. The driving style (a lot more ragged)of the new stig looks different from the old one.
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - Blue_nova
I agree with you. When he was driving on Sunday i did notice his driving style was very different from the previous stig. Plus i have alos noticed that this stig is a little bit taller the the previous.
Well look at that
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - Rudolf
Well done Matt, that seems definitive-

"Reformatted and updated in paperback after its hardback success, this is the hilarious ? and at times harrowing ? autobiography of Perry McCarthy, alias ?The Stig? on BBC TV?s Top Gear, which attracts four million viewers a week. Perry, whose efforts to get into Formula 1 led The Times to dub him ?the world?s unluckiest racing driver?, has created enormous intrigue as the mystery driver on Jeremy Clarkson?s prime-time television show, testing cars at times to near destruction, and has signed up for another series starting this autumn. But when it came to racing at Le Mans in 2003 the old bad luck returned."

It can also be had from HJ's Bookshelf!
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - BaseRSXmanual
"Wish Top Gear would show some run of the mill cars for a change, one's that the vast majority of viewers may actually be able to afford."

Yeah that sounds riveting-

?Next time on Top Gear watch the Stig take the Toyota Avensis out on the Lotus test track as he attempts to set the slowest recorded track lap time in Top Gear history!!? Then maybe BBC could fallow that Top Gear with a show about fine dinning at America fast food joints!
The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - Wales Forester
My point is that for the majority of viewers, the bulk of the cars shown are out of reach financially, and therefore it would be nice to occasionally see some cars featured below £15,000.
If that automatically makes you think of a Toyota Avensis then I pity you! ;-)

The Stig is dead...long live the Stig!! - matt35 {P}
That puts me in the doo doo for not suggesting HJ's bookshelf - I only saw it this morning in the IAM Winter 2003 magazine.
Having re read the post by LD - I think that he is referring to a Mark 2 Stig which I have not seen?
The Stig? ? - BaseRSXmanual
I know there have been posts about the Stig before. But here in America we still have to get our Top Gear through internet downloads as it is not available on BBC America. I just saw parts of the farewell Stig episode for the first time today. The question is who was the Stig? I have heard about it most likely being Perry McCarthy. But I just read several new theories ?

But there are rumors that it?s possibly Damon Hill.

And yet even ANOTHER rumor that its Tiff Needell himself. Because they always make fun of Tiff, and infact The Stig is basically one big Tiff joke.
The third rumor is that after signing with Channel 5, he decided he wanted to come back to Top Gear, but because contractually he couldn?t, they through him into a driving suit and helmet to hide his identity so that he could drive.

And then there is the rumor that The Stig is all three of them, and they rotate out at random.

So which one do you guys think is true?
P.S. - BaseRSXmanual
P.S. What does the ?Stig? mean in English, or rather ?the Queen?s English?? We don?t have the word stig in America for anything that I can think of? I assume by context it must mean something along the lines af ?a temporary, expendable person??? Is that close?
P.S. - matt35 {P}
Posted last week - you can buy Perry Macarthys' book on the HJ website.
P.S. - tunacat
In any sort of Queen's English, it shouldn't have a 'the' on the front of it, BaseRSX, as 'Stig' is properly a name, like Brian, or Dennis, or Trevor.

No doubt it's just one of Clarkson and co.'s daft-isms:

There's a strange unkempt character who lives in a cave (IIRC) in a famous children's book called "Stig of the dump", and of course there's the rather-good old rally driver Stig Blomqvist (there's the motoring connection covered). And it was the first name of one of The Rutles, a semi-ficticious Beatles spoof band co-created by Eric Idle of Monty Python, who also had a character called Stig O' Tracy in their 'Pirhana Brothers' sketch...

So you see in England there's a bit of a history of characters being named Stig where the authors want something a bit incongruous, and immediately identifiable as probably a bit tongue-in-cheek. And because he wears a distinctive suit and impenetrable headgear and his true identity is unknown, Top Gear's man is a bit like one of those Marvel comic characters like The Daredevil or The Riddler.

With all that, it's almost entirely predictable that they'd end up calling him 'The Stig'.
The Stig? ? - Gazza
Where in internet can you download Top Gear?
The Stig? ? - BaseRSXmanual
Thanks for the info. I still like to think "the stig" might have been tiff;)

I download Top Gear on eMule.
The Stig? ? - Brill {P}
No Base, Perry McCarthy owned up on a BBC radio interview last week (plugging his book).

The Stig? ? - tunacat
So is it STILL him, or HAVE they got a new one?
Or is it just a ruse to get us wondering all over again, now that Perry's spilt the beans?
(in which case I've succumbed, d'oh!)
The Stig? ? - BaseRSXmanual

Short stig farewell video, best to right click/save target.
The Stig? ? - No Do$h
Thanks for that link Base.
Any ideas on who the new stig is? - Blue_nova
I saw the final episode with the stig. I saw the new stig and was just wondering who he might be? I have had a few ideas and a few of my mates told me it could be Damon hill
Well look at that
Any ideas on who the new stig is? - Morris Ox
'New' Stig? Try the old one - Pel still needs the readies...

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