Wheelchairs and small hatchbacks - bartycrouch
I've got the need for a wheelchair that will pack into a small hatchback (Toyota Yaris) and hopefully leave enough room for a few shopping bags. I want a "self propelling one" (large rear wheels) if possible.

I know they all claim to knock down for easy storage, but has anyone found a really good design that they would personally recommend?

Many thanks
Wheelchairs and small hatchbacks - billy25
hi bartycrouch,
i often help one of the chaps down our local, who uses a powered chair,problem is though,every time you have to fold it, you have to disconnect and remove the battery pack.this alone is heavier than the chair, and is such a bind to strip-down and re-assemble at each end of a journey, that we (pub regulars)clubbed together to get him an ordinary push one for using on car journeys,his powered one is i think one of the lighter powered ones as well(sun-horizon).

Wheelchairs and small hatchbacks - kennybase
I have a relative who has a wheel chair that completely fold down. It has removable arms, the back fold down, and then the seat part folds up too - so the size of the chair then is the height of the big wheels at the back, and the length of the distance between the front and back wheels. It is about 20cm thick aswell. Its very easy to fold, and to put back together.

i'm not sure where it comes from, but I know think that Southampton NHS supplied it.

I hope that your search goes well.
Wheelchairs and small hatchbacks - Roger Jones
These were some sites I found when doing research on this very subject on behalf of my sister recently:





Hope this helps.
Wheelchairs and small hatchbacks - iw1961
My dad has had two wheelchairs. The first supplied by the NHS folds down very well but it is heavy. My mum had a job lifting it in and out of the back of their Daihatsu Grand Move Plus, so they bought one from a wheelchair dealer, very light but cost a fortune, but isn't as collapsable as the NHS one is.

One piece of advice I would give you from our own personal experience is to go and try as many as you can before you buy the chair as there are different types for different mobility issues, including the way they collapse.

Good luck

Wheelchairs and small hatchbacks - bartycrouch
Many thanks to all of those who have offered advice. I will check with the NHS what they use. The links have shown me some models that are worth looking at as well.


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