Vectra engine management light - Quinny
The EML on my 97 Vectra diesel comes on when started up,but goes off after you start to move.There is no loss of power,and everything seems fine.This has only started to happen recently,and I can't fathom out whats up.It seems pointless going to have the code read,when all seems tickettyboo.

Anyone else had/got this problem?
Vectra engine management light - RogerL
If your Vectra has Check Control, this will light up all the bulbs as a test and then turn them off, separately, as the check test progresses.

Test by turning ignition on, but not going as far as starting the engine. Does the light stay on? If so get the codes read.
Vectra engine management light - Quinny
Thanks Roger.The EML stays on,and then goes off after about 20 yards of moving.After that,it doesn't come on at all,so I suspect that it's nothing serious.But I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem,and what it may have been.

Vectra engine management light - RogerL
If the light only goes off after moving 20 yards, I think you have some sort of problem but the fact that it goes out and doesn't come back on would suggest only a minor problem. Search for advice on reading fault codes, paper clip trick, etc.
Vectra engine management light - Deryck Tintagel
This isn't related to the Check Control system - this reports faults via the Multi-Function Information Display. The Engine Management Light will be controlled by the engine controller - sensor problems, etc will cause this to illuminate
Vectra engine management light - David Davies
Recently encountered a similar condition in a Vectra diesel and the fault code found was for glow plug circuit failure,but did not get approval to investigate further as the engine started OK.I'd say its warning you that one of the glow plugs has failed and the others could follow.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)
Vectra engine management light - Quinny
Sorry I've been slow in replying,I'm a Class 1 HGV driver and have only got back since Sunday.

I've just put a brand new battery on the car,so it cracks up straight away,and the light was on anyhow before this was changed,so I'll keep an eye on the glow plugs and see how they behave.

Failing that,if anyone knows anything further about the paper clip method,I would be grateful.I have seen it used on a Renault truck,so I have an idea whats involved,but not seen it done on a Vectra.
Vectra engine management light - Jono_99

Site you want is - however, I fear that you may be out of luck on reading fault codes with a paperclip on the Vectra. Seem to remember reading that this was terminated with the Vectra - hope not for your sake.

Vectra engine management light - Dynamic Dave
The info for Vectra's on the topbuzz site say they cover upto 1999 models.

Also I think you'll find that the ecu codes on the topbuzz site are for petrol engines only.
Vectra engine management light - Quinny
How bizzare.

I looked on the Topbuzz site and after trawling through it,I decided to do the,'turn the ignition on and off 30 times' thing,just to see what would happen.

So far the light has not come back on!!!!!

So perhaps some of the things on there could apply to diesels.

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