Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - Adam's Renault
Can anyone help.
I have a 98 R reg Laguna RT with front fog lights. They have stopped working suddenly. I have changed the bulb and relay but neither has helped.
Has anyone else had a similar problem or know of a solution without the need to pay Renault a small mortgage of £150 for an inspection plus parts?

Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - ndbw
Must be very foggy in your part of the country,I have had my present car for seven years and have not found an occasion to use them.Save your money would be my solution.

Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - Altea Ego
Fuse, switch, connector or earth. Invest 10 quid in a cheap multimeter and a pint or two for a mate who knows a bit about car electrics.
Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - greaser pv
If it's not foggy, driving with the fog lights/driving lights on is an offence.
However, I have found that the wires in the switch ( if it's a stalk ) break easily, and are easily fixed
Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - Dizzy {P}
If it's not foggy, driving with the fog lights/driving lights on is an offence. >>

Not just 'an offence' but 'highly offensive"!!
Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - Dynamic Dave
Although I agree with your views on foglights and when / when not should be used, there's already a foglight thread in discussion without starting one here as well. Can we keep on topic and answer the original author's question please?

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Faulty Laguna Fog Lights - Adam's Renault
Dynamic Dave

Thanks for you input.

For all others that think they may also need to tell me not to drive with them on thanks also.

The reason for the original question is that I have had the car 3 years and used them twice. I am now selling the car and it has been picked up that they don't work.
Problem is with the reported problems with the electrics on these cars it begs the question 'what else is wrong?'

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly aprreciated.
Will check wires in stalk - thanks.



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