Anyone stuck on the M11 last winter? - arnold2
Have a read:

\"A report by MPs on last January\'s snow-induced gridlock blames the Highways Agency\'s contractors for not gritting roads early enough.\"

So there we have it - last years error up was caused by privatising the gritting service ! Apparently the contractor, Carillion, lost touch with a gritter lorry for FOUR DAYS !!

Makes you weap !!!

Yes, I was there - all night, on the M11 ....

Anyone stuck on the M11 last winter? - Nsar
I wasn't stuck there, but how re-assuring that it has taken them until the onset of winter to reach the conclusion that everyone knew by about 7pm that night - that you don't wait until the it's snowing and the rush hour has started before you send the gritters out. Hardly rocket science.
I was caught in a similar situation in Leeds about 10 years ago and from memory 3 people died that night.
Anyone stuck on the M11 last winter? - daveyjp
Nsar - I was caught in that one too. At college in Wakefield needing to get to Leeds. Left Wakefield at 5pm, arrived home at 2am - the irony being it took me until 1.30am to get from Wakefield to the M1 Jcn 42, then no problems at all for the last 6-7 miles. Morrisons were letting fully loaded 38 tonners leave their depot off the A650 to try and get up the incline to the M1. As you can imagine it doesn't take too many 38 tonners to completely block the road!

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