Tax disc checks in Colchester today - Andrew Hamilton
Regular every year just as the clock changes.
Colchester traffic wardens quadrupled tickets to 18,000 parking fines since council took over. Only 42 incidents of abuse reported. Council expecting financial surplus in 2006/07 after paying off all startup costs.
Tax disc checks in Colchester today - Armitage Shanks{P}
Is this tax disc checks (can be very expensive to caught without one) or parking tickets? Your title says one thing and the text another! I wouldn't have thought that 3 years to break even was a very good deal on any commercial operation but then I work for the Government - a well known top loss maker!
Tax disc checks in Colchester today - Andrew Hamilton
Sorry actually two different things. I did see that fancy twin camera detector and van nearby with large board with some text relating to car tax disc check.
Also just shocked to see news item on same day, how efficient council is in getting parking fines compared with old police controlled system. Not sure what the startup costs were for the council. After all, the traffic warden only needs a book of tickets or perhaps a PDA that could print them. Perhaps as the surplus has to be used on transport the buses might become almost free....dreams!

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