Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - Cheeky
The heated mirrors on my 1998 A6 are not working. This applies to driver and passenger sides, although the electric adjustment etc. is fine.
I believe this heated system is supposed to be on whenever the ignition is on (does not operate in conjunction with heated rear window). I've checked the fuse which is fine, any other suggestions please??
It's possible both heating elements are bad, but would welcome suggestions.

Many thanks all.
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - Roger Jones
The heated mirrors on my Golf VR6 failed at about five years old. I was assured by the dealers who fixed them that they had tested the electrics to confirm they had failed (presumably simply the heating elements), as I wasn't 100% sure. As the handbook says, "the amount of heat is regulated automatically depending on the ambient temperature", and I guess I was expecting too much of them in clearing moisture on a winter's day that wasn't so cold. They're the only thing to have failed on a car approaching its seventh birthday and which remains a joy to drive.
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - Ivor E Tower there must be a temperature sensor that decides when the mirror heaters should be on. This will need to be checked.
Or - do you have a multi-meter? (cheap ones can be bought for under £10 from eg Argos or Index). If you can take the mirror housing covers off, you can then check to see if the mirror heaters are electrically OK or not, and continue fault-finding from here.
Good luck.
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - Cheeky
Cheers chaps - will see how I go. The A6 forum (US based) also offered some welcome advice, however bottom line is that if the elements are at fault, it's usual £££ loadsamoney from the dealer/specialist to replace.
Will check circuits behind mirror housing, and may live with it/call it quits. Just have to do what the vast majority of drivers do and squirt de-icer in the right places!!
I suppose it is possible last night's cold snap in lancs. was not quite cold enough to trigger the thermostat, pity I can't remember what the outside temp. reading was...
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - andy n
had similar problem with my v70 found open circuit in heating grid managed to repair it with electicallly conductive paint
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - John F

My 1998 A6 heated mirrors don't seem to work either - fuse also intact. I'd be interested if you have any success - I'm just living with it! I wonder if it's a generic fault in this batch of cars?

Any way of copying this to Audi? Perhaps they know and have a solution?
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - Cheeky
Some more feedback from the USA based Audi forum John - could be any of the following! :

1. On some models, they are supposed to come on ALL the time, yes even during Summer etc. the result, the heating elements burn out very quickly.

2. Outdoor temps. not yet low enough (can't believe that one..)

Although no stranger to diy car projects, I am slightly reluctant to go poking around in the back of the mirror housing in case I ruin the electric adjustment/auto dip facility. Think I'll keep living with it, maybe mention something the next time it visits the dealer.

Audi are well aware of the heated mirror problem. A4's and A8's suffer the same problem, and unless the car is under warranty or 'approved' they won't touch it for free. Sounds a bit like the fading dash module that regularly fades from the edges in 80% of their cars, but which costs £500 upwards to sort out. I was lucky with this - just in warranty by 2 weeks!

Anyway, one thing is clear whether here or in USA, and that is that Audi parts are very expensive, as is labour/fitting. For the amount I'll need them, it may not be worth the hassle.
Audi A6 Heated Mirrors - blank
The heated mirrors on my Polo failed too. Late 1997 (1998 Model)car, they had failed by the time the 3 year warranty was drawing to an end, I noticed the fault and VW replaced both without a problem. The replacements were still OK this morning!
My Dad had the identical problem with his 1998 A3. Again they were replaced under warranty.

Looks like a fault with the parts around this time.


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