Merc C320 Automatic fault - Nash

I have a 2001 (new shape) Merc C320 Automatic (Tiptronic), fantastic car but with one intermittent problem which Mercedes cannot cure, and does not seem to get logged in the onboard fault recording.

When starting the car and moving from P to D on the gears the car jolts into gear and when driving refuses to move out of 1st. The dash display showing which gear you are in is also blank. The cure is simple, turn the car off ond on again.

There is no pattern to when this occurs (hot or cold day, hot or cold engine etc), has anyone else experienced this or have an idea what it could be??
Merc C320 Automatic fault - Aprilia
The obvious posssible fault is the gear selector switch and its cable and connectors (it is a multipole switch that tells the TCM which gear has been selected). The fact that it 'jolts' also suggests that this is is the case.

I would have the switch checked and re-make the multiway connectors a couple of times in case there is dirt/corrosion in there.

Failing that it could of course be the TCM itself which is at fault. Definitely electrical though, I would say.
Merc C320 Automatic fault - Nash
Thanks Aprilia. I thought it would be electrical because the old turn it off and on again trick always works.
I will get it checked out, its a shame that my local Mercedes dealer were so hopeless when I got them to look at the car.


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