Foreign cheque scam? - number67
A friend is selling 2 campers vans.

He's had an e-mail from a guy in Europe who says he'll buy one even though he's only seen 2 photos.Can't remember the details but it's something like, he'll use someone in the UK to do the deal with a foreign cheque.

My mate is suspicious at the speed with which this guy is offering the full asking price -especially as he hasn't seen it.
I warned my friend that there is some scam involving foreign cheques appearing to clear - but then the money not actually being there. Have I remembered correctly?

Foreign cheque scam? - Godfrey H {P}
Yup this is a common scam going around. Don't part with the van until the cheque is FULLY cleared. This can take up to 15 days.
Foreign cheque scam? - THe Growler
Insist on a manager's cheque (banker's draft I think you call them over there) and verify its issuance with the bank concerned by phone to ensure it is good funds before releasing anything. Otherwise electronic transfer. I would wonder why someone still pays for things with cheques in this day and age?
Foreign cheque scam? - LongDriver {P}
Haven't used a cheque for anything at all for about 4 years, other than bankers drafts for vehicle purchases(<--- motoring subject)!
Foreign cheque scam? - Ian (Cape Town)
It is a SCAM of note!
Next step, he'll send a cheque for the full amount PLUS 500 quid for 'shipping'. He'll then ask your mate to send the 500 quid to his 'shipping agent', who'll arrange collection. Agent never pitches, your mate ends up 500 quid down the toilet.
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