clock - Penny
Inexplicably the clock in my car has suddenly stopped.Why?
Re: clock - Basil Brush
Have you forgotten to wind it up?
Re: clock - Tom Shaw
Has anything else stopped working as well? If so it may be a fuse. Otherwise a knackered clock.
Re: clock and space time continuum - Stuart B
Alternatively you could have driven across the International date line W>E and its just taking a breather for 24 hours.

Actually Tom's suggestion is best, see what else works off the same fuse.
Re: clock and space time continuum - Jonathan
Is it digital or analog.

If digital it could also be the display.

Is this a wind-up? (Geddit?) - David Lacey
Is this one of those pi**take threads or what?

The question 'seems' too simple.......

Time will tell - ho hummm

Re: Is this a wind-up? (Geddit?) - David Woollard
Most likely David.

Quite a few posts recently have been worth avoiding so as not to be drawn in, sorry Penny if genuine but odd you give us so little to go on.

Ho humm indeed.

Re: clock - John Davis
It's too complicated and much too expensive to take it anywhere to be fixed.
Buy a 6.99 watch from Argos (splendid value) and leave the car clock as it is.
It will still be correct twice a day.
Re: clock - chris watson
buy one of those stick on digital clocks that you can buy at halfords, about £4.99 for a good looking one.
Re: clock - Bill Doodson
Another thing that has gone wrong with the Mondeo is the clock, its one of the blue digital type displays. It still tells the time but is so faint that you can hardly see it, when the lights are on it dims to invisible. Does anyone know if this is a regular thing and how much it would cost to repair? The cheap Halfords ones where considered but they dont show up at night, a bit like the genuine Ford one at the moment.

Re: clock - Marc
I had this problem on a Renault. You prise out the clock unit (if possible on a Mondeo) and replace the push fit bulb to illuminate the digital clock
Re: clock - Darcy Kitchin
I agree, sounds like the pea bulb has sooted up
Re: clock - Keith Bassett
If the bulb dims when you switch the lights on, then the bulb must be glowing but presumably not at full strength. Could be that the tiny wires on the side of the bulb unit are not making good contact. Just prise the clock unit from the dash with a small screwdriver and clean the contacts. If that doesn't work, then it's a new bulb/holder which is non-standard and is not available at Halfords and costs > £5 at a Ford dealer (Bulb Type RU509 - might be cheaper if you can find it at a Ring stockist)

Re: clock - honest john
Maybe that's why the new Mondeos have a curious traditional clock that looks completely out of place in that flash dash.

Re: clock - richard turpin
You can have me anytime if you play your cards right.
Re: clock - Vin

It's an illuminated clock. Get the bulb done at your next service.

Re: clock - Chris
Check that other things work. Sometimes the clock is in a circuit with things like reversing lights: when something fails in the circuit it blows the bulb in the clock.

Re: clock - Penny
Have checked the fuse which also works the hazard warning and interior lights, amongst other things.Everything else is working ok. My clock appears to be broken.By the way its not digital and not a Mondeo but a 280 SL. Thanks for some of your suggestions!
Re: clock - Randolph Lee
the VDO clock in 1968 to 1972 280SLs are clockwork in nature and are wound by the 12 volt supply they will keep time for several days with no connection... if this one is of that vintage it just needs cleaning

Re: clock - Penny
1985 type 107 model.Do these work the same way?
Re: clock - Randolph Lee
I do not know Penny,

The last MBenz I owned were a 1967 250SL from 1969 to 1978 and later I inherited my fathers 1967 250SE which he had from new... I sold it for parts in 1997 after over 350,000 miles He also owned, and I helped him put over 200,000 miles on a 1955 300SL gullwing between 1955 and 1980... all 3 of these had the clockwork VDO timekeepers... I do not know when they changed to all electric or electronic clocks


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