306 d-turbo smoke - jim_mapps

Thanks to everyone who tried to help with my brakes.... I do still have the same problem though.

Does anyone know what would cause one of these things to kick out white smoke on startup?

Every time it's started (Especially when cold) it runs really rough for about 5-10 seconds and spits a cloud of white smoke out. Not a huge amount of smoke but enough to get me worried. Also it doesn't feel quite as quick as it once was... doesn't always have the same kick when the turbo cuts in but sometimes does.

I've changed the glow plugs, done all the usuall oil and filter changes and it's just had a new battery.

One odd thing I noticed was that one of the old glow plugs either had a build up of carbon around it or it had expanded (Swolen up) in one place. Imagine a pen with a ruber band wrapped around it several times and overlapping itself... well the outline of the plug was the same as the outline to that pen (Hope that makes sense)


306 d-turbo smoke - Downesi1
try using the glow plugs twice before startup from cold.
My zx td volcane had the same problem, it seemed to sort the problem, hence indicating that the glow plugs were past their best !
306 d-turbo smoke - Ross_D
The same thing had happened to the glow plugs in my 306, it turned out that the replacements I had got were cheap nasty things and failed almost immediatly. When you replaced the plugs, did you make sure they were Beru/Bosch, as these seem to be the only makes that last in the XUDT engine. Any others fail pretty fast and so the problem could be your new plugs.

306 d-turbo smoke - jim_mapps

The new plugs are Champion... surely these would last??? would make sense though as it stopped when I changed the plugs and then started again about 2 weeks later.

Just a ride....
306 d-turbo smoke - Hawesy1982
Try leaving about 4 seconds between the glow plug light going out and turning the ignition, i find that my '95 D Turbo starts a lot more smoothly if i do this, with less smoke. I think the plugs stay on even after the light goes out, so you are therefore giving them some extra time to do their job.

As far as the smoke goes, i shouldn't worry as long as the smoke isnt black or blue, mine kicks out a fair bit of white stuff first thing in the morning too - then again, read about my various current problems and you might not be so confident!
306 d-turbo smoke - hm
I have a 95 DT, she is just a pig to start, always has been, and I fear it always will be.

Now the cold weather is on its way I give it two sets of heat, she pumps out more white smoke than a steam train, stumbles for a couple a seconds then shes fine, goes really well.

(I have altered the boost compensator and fuel pump mixture screw, have not got round to the turbo boost yet) I noticed on one of your threads that you were asking about it, I have an idiots guide if you are insterested.

I have fitted bosch glow plugs and checked them time and time again and they are fine. I thought I had an air leakin the fuel system, but after lots of checking and replacing of some suspect hoses and all the injector return lines the problem was still there. I think in general some 306DT just do not like the cold.

I just put up with it, as long as she goes in the end.

I\'m very tempted to fit a thermal aid into the induction air for start-up only just for the crack. I know this is very common on largers diesel engines like Perkins and Cummins.

Sorry I can not be of much help, but a least you are not alone!!
306 d-turbo smoke - Andrew-T
hm - you've mentioned all sorts of things but not diesel cleaner. How does the car do in its smoke test?
306 d-turbo smoke - hm

I do use injector cleaner (when I remenber) once she goes I do not have any smoke problems. My last MOT was in August, the results were well within limits, admittedly thou I do back the pump off again I go.

On another note I did some research into glow plugs and found some interesting facts.

Most glow plugs are designed to handle high current loads (up to 300 amps in some applications!) so they will heat up quickly. On average, most standard technology glow plugs will reach 850 degrees C/1,562 degrees F (minimum vehicle start temperature) within 8 seconds, though on some older applications the wait period can be 30 to 60 seconds.

New patented Bosch Duraterm glow plug technology enables the glow plugs to reach 1000º C/1,830º F in approximately 4 seconds. The higher operating temperature combined with a faster heating rate means less waiting and less cranking to start the engine. That's why Bosch glow plugs are original equipment on virtually all European diesel applications

I'm trying to determine what temperatures diffent manufactures get to, this can have a significant impact on starting performance.
306 d-turbo smoke - ng
I cured all my lumpy starting and smoke belching by buying a new battery.
I fitted new glow plugs about 70,000 miles ago as the originals gave up at 30,000 miles. I must have been lucky with the replacements.
Please could you let me have any info on turning up the wick as most tuning houses (Van Arken) want a fortune for what must be a simple operation. My ZX Volcane is a good car and has converted me to diesel power.
You could try one of block/water heaters made, I think, by DEFA. At least the heater would come on hot on these cool winter mornings.
Many thanks in anticipation
306 d-turbo smoke - hm

drop me mail (haydenmurray@supanet.com)and I will mail you the file, with pics etc (it is less than a 1mb)

Block heater, I have used this on machinery in the past (I work for Caterpillar, big yellow machines) yes they work great but it would have to be a pug part, and a 110 or 240V supply (it would drain a 12V batt)

My a battery is a 1100CCA gell battery that could turn the car over all day.



306 d-turbo smoke - big fat nick
Regarding your tuning question afaik van aaken charge like 350quid, and they do VERY good work, but this guy, my mate gav, charges 100quid, www.dervdoctor.co.uk/ his work is good, but its done on his driveway, he doesnt have an offical shop, he's just an enthusiast that started off by doing the cars from various peugeot clubs.... his work is good though>> andrew,
306 d-turbo smoke - DL

groups.msn.com/honestjohn - Pictures say a thousand words.....


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