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Hi. I'm having a problem selling my Mitsubishi GTO3000. I advertised in Autotrader but got no response except for other agencies trying to sell me more advertising space. Does anyone have any ideas about the best way to go about advertising this somwhat rare and specialist car.
Re: advertising used cars - Ian Aspinall
Someone on this board was talking about buying one of these recently - I think it was Alex Dick? Try searching the old threads for his message.
Re: advertising used cars - honest john
Here's the answer I sent to John Persons in response to his personal e-mail:-

What are you asking on ? Or weren't you using
this? It costs £7 a fortnight and works far better than the weekly rag.

If the garage is offering you £3,500 LESS £1,200, you're really being
offered £2,300, which is a joke.

So if you advertise for £5,500 (which looks cheap) and get £5,000 you will
be £2,700 better off than going the garage route.

Something else that occurs is to contact Mike Brewer at Deals on Wheels
(Channel 4 Fridays at 8.00, or via I don't know if the whole
series is already filmed, but if it isn't, yours is exactly the sort of
weirdo car Mike wants to demonstrate how much price difference there can be
for the same motor.


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