Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - Captain Alex Zippy O' Toole
I have an opportunity to buy a 1997 Prelude Type-S, Japanese import.

(Nutter spec, 2.2 VTEC, 230bhp, 0-60 in 6 seconds, 150mph top end, you know the drill.)

75000 miles, unmodified from original spec, excellent overall condition, all proper documentation tracking it right the way back to Japan, was imported to the UK in 1999.

As far as I can tell the car is clean, both in terms of its history and the condition it's in now.

The current owner has had it for two years, he's changed the oil every six months, changed the plugs and other routine jobs - he's had nothing whatsoever go wrong with it.

Thing is, even with Honda's build quality, I'm a bit nervous about buying a six year old sports car - I suppose there could be a lot of expensive stuff waiting to go wrong, but on the other hand it is a lovely motor.

Does anyone have any experience of these? Any opinions? Any advice?

The asking price is £6750.

Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - billy25
i have a '94 prelude that was imported in '99, not the r-type but the shark -nosed model, similar spec, but only 190bhp, 0-60 very similar time, however when it was imported, although the speedo was changed, the engine still had a limiter fitted which prevented it going above 110mph. i had to have it re-chipped. i understand all jap imports are fitted with a limiter, and as you say it will do 150mph,has the previous owner had this done?.otherwise the prelude is I.M.O one of the most reliable,robust,pleasurable cars to drive, with a type-s, you'll probably need to get a pilots licence!! :-).

Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - peterb
Could you afford it if something went wrong and you had a biggish bill?

If the answer is no, don't buy the car.

BTW sounds like a great car!
Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - edisdead {P}
I occasionally check the prices of these as i would be quite interested in owning one myself. Assuming private sale, judging by the autotrader average, it sounds a little overpriced.
Also, I'm not sure what a 'Type-S' spec Prelude is, but if it's got 'nutter spec', does that mean it's had a nutter owner? Ask him how often he VTECs.
Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - billy25
Ask him how often he VTECs.

i personally wouldn't be overly concerned, these engines are built for it, and actually thrive on a good VTECing,(clears spiders out of the exhaust!), i'm only bald cos i do it with the sunroof open :-(
Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - Captain Alex Zippy O' Toole
Thanks for the replies :)

I'm due to see the car tomorrow and take it for a test drive, but I won't be rushing into anything. I'm also going to double and triple check that it's 100% legit with no dodgy history.

Is it's overpriced at £6750, what sort of price should I be looking at paying? I was thinking at starting at £6000 and maybe going back up to £6250.

It's insurance group 18, cheapest fully comp quote I can get is £1000 (I'm 29 years old, 3 years no claims).

I've been in touch with a local garage that services and fixes imports to see how much a new cambelt being fitted would cost (at 75000 miles I reckon it's due) - I was quoted £125 including parts and labour, which doesn't seem too bad.

I have to say I do have a soft spots for Hondas, they really do seem to be fantastically well built, and I've always liked the understated but impressive looks of them.

I'll see how the test drive goes and take it from there....

(I can't see myself being able to resist though, as I live on the Isle of Man the "no speed limit" 14 mile stretch of mountain road beckons......)

I'll ask him about it being de-restricted though.
Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - Captain Alex Zippy O' Toole
Went out for a test drive today - what an awesome car.

Ate up 0-100 like it was a drive down to the shops, and that VTEC really screams when it gets to 7000rpm :) Overall it's in great condition - leather and carbon fibre interior, extremely tasty.

He's willing to let it go for £6300 - I have to say I'm very, very tempted.
Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - No Do$h
Do it!

Cars of this nature are for buying with your heart, not your head.
Honda Prelude Type-S, opinions? - billy25
captain zippy,
i knew you'd like it, but i have a sneaky feeling you had already made up your mind when you first posted! :).
you did well to get it down to £6300, so snap it up - and hit that mountain!

(jealous) billy.

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