Cowboy customers - Bob the builder
In our increasingly litigious world, we hear all too often about "Cowboy traders". Thousands of column inches and scores of "watchdog" type programmes are devoted to them and their poor, downtrodden victims. But what about Cowboy customers ? ie Those who actually get "what it says on the tin", use it, abuse it, get more than their money's worth and then have the gall to dream up or manufacture a complaint/defect and try to screw the supplier ? Yes, I'm certain various motor manufacturers and dealers get what they deserve but I'm also sure there are plenty out there operating in good faith who often have to suffer the moans and groans of these cowboy customers who deserve nothing but being shown the way to the exit door. I have experience of these merchants but not in the motor trade. Thoughts anyone ?
Cowboy customers - SjB {P}
Of a motoring nature, chip tuning a car still under warranty, and then staying schtum when the clutch fails, or the driveshafts break?

Probably quite rare given that most cars are over engineered and can take a lot of stick, but 'getting away with it' is openly touted on motoring web sites, and I bet it really happens.
Cowboy customers - peterb
"Cowboy customers" are a big problem in insurance. Too many people think it's a victimless crime to "inflate" their claim. The result: higher premiums and agressive loss adjusters probing the innocent and guilty alike.

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