Xantia Steering Wheel - Simon Collier
I have a '95 1.9TD LX Xantia, 160k. Reliable car. I had new front tyres put on it at the weekend (probably a red herring) but on Monday I noticed that although it doesn't pull to either side, the steering wheel position has changed - about a 10 degree turn clockwise when going straight. I've had the car for 40k, definately different this week to last. Any idea what causes this?
Xantia Steering Wheel - M.M
Very likely to be the tyres. It is more common than folks realise for a new tyre to have a slight bias.

Try swapping them from side to side or front to rear and see what happens.

Of course I assume the guys haven't done something very silly like jacking the car up and catching a track rod arm! Oh and they didn't do the tracking at the same time did they?


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