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I've recently bought a 1998 C180 sport.

Whilst driving in traffic recently, the BAS light came on for a second, and then went off again. It has done this several times. I have checked the brake fluid etc, and everything is normal. The ABS light doesnt come on with the BAS light, which leads me to believe that the ABS sensors must be ok.

Also, the car is a manual, and is constantly jumping out of 2nd gear.

Does anybody know what could cause these problem?

Thanks for any help!!


c180 sport - Aprilia
Gearbox problem is probably worn synchro/detent springs - most likely requires a rebuild (but check adjustment of operating rods first). I am assuming your car has a very high mileage - these manual 'boxes are normally good for 200k mi.

Can't help on the BAS light - it could be many things. You need dealer diagnostics, I'm afraid.
c180 sport - peter1011
Car has only done 65,000 miles. I thought it could be synchro on second as well, due to the fact that it only jumps out in second.

maybe its a common fault on these, not sure.

BAS light like you said, will most probably need dealer diagnostics. I just thought that there would be something I could check first, and save a bit of money!!

c180 sport - Aprilia
If you are sure the mileage is correct then its not a common fault - those manual 'boxes are very tough and would normally do double that mileage without trouble.
c180 sport - elekie&a/c doctor
Abs &Bas lights coming on is commonly a fault with brake light switch,which is clipped into brake pedal housing.Also faulty brake bulbs or holders will give same symptoms.
c180 sport - Hawesy1982
I don't know if this is relevant to your car, but peugeot/citroen's often have this problem, usually caused by the gear linkages between gearstick and gearbox drying out and becoming stiff.

Before resorting to paying big money try just re-greasing each ball-joint carefully, only 10 minutes work but may solve your problem for good, it did on my 306.

Good luck


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