Petrol can vs diesel - any difference? - Jazzmag
I'm sure this a really stupid question for those that know the answer (but it's always that way though!), but is there any technical difference between the 'cans'?

Apart from the very obvious potential for putting the wrong fuel in an engine, is there any difference between the green plastic for petrol cans and the black used for diesel that would preclude their use for the other type of fuel? i.e. would one type of fuel actually damage the plastic intended for another type of fuel?

Thanks in advance!
Petrol can vs diesel - any difference? - Sooty Tailpipes
I think it's the law that petrol ones have the word GASOLINE permanently displayed, but it would be daft to have a diesel one which says this. The BS or EEC approval numbers may be different, but I would imagine both cans just have both approval numbers.
Petrol can vs diesel - any difference? - kithmo
Yes, the refractive index of the plastic used to make them is different and the petrol ones are easier to find in the dark. ;-)

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