Rover 620 SDI probs - Miquel
I've got an 95 620 SDI that's been slowly hemmoraging it's oil over my drive since I've had it. Finally got round to fixing it, seems to be coming from the two chunky hoses connected to the same mounting as the oil filter. Unfortunatly, said mounting appears to made out of cheese as whilst undoing the nuts (with only a mild amount of force) the mounting has split in two different places. In one case, a raised thread has sheared off, leaving little or no thread left.

I'm attempting to patch it up best I can with JB Weld, but to be honest, I'm not holding my breath... Is this mounting easily replaced? I can't really see what else it's attached to as there's precious little space. I don't really want to start striping it all down to find out that it's part of something bigger...

Thanks for any help
Rover 620 SDI probs - Dizzy {P}
I don't know what the mounting is, though it sounds a bit like a Modine oil cooler. If so, it will be carrying oil at the engine system pressure and could wreck the engine if it falls apart. If I recall correctly, these coolers are of a compact cylindrical shape with a central thread at each end, one of which is external and the other internal. It fits inbetween the oil filter and the engine block. Does this sound like it?

Whatever it is, it seems 'terminally risky' trying to patch it with what I assume is some kind of 'plastic metal'!
Rover 620 SDI probs - DL
Could you post any pictures?

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Rover 620 SDI probs - Miquel
Strange. I replyed once already, but it didn't show up...

Thanks for the replys guys.

I found an extra section hidden away in some Workshop Manuals I have. Turns out it's the oil pump. (At least I think so, the diagrams are awful. I'll put up a piccy if I get chance). The procedure detailed to replace it reads like a world of hurt; requiring the removal of the timing belt and timing gear just for starters. Don't really feel it's something I'd attempt.

As for the JB Weld (steel epoxy), well I must say I'm as skeptical as you, but supposedly it's ideal for patching engine blocks, sumps etc. Just for once, it would be nice if something did what it said on the tin, it would save me a major headache!


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