Omega heater problem - Daz
Hi my Omega has a bizzare problem with the air vent heating system.

It intermittently does not get hot which can be very irritaing when cold in the morning. Also sometimes it does get hot but when u put put blowers on becomes cool fairly quickly.

The fan itself works ok on all speeds just the temp that's a problem.

It seems to be okish if temp set to hot b4 start up rather than turning it up later once started but this may be just be co-incidence.

The whole affair is baffling me but with the cold weather drawing in I want it sorted!

Any advice is most welcome.
Omega heater problem - Ivor E Tower
What controls do you have? Aircon or not? 2 rotary dials, one for each side (l and r) or digital displays with up/down arrows?
Have you checked the coolant level under the bonnet?
Omega heater problem - Daz
Complicated q yes theoretically I have aircon altho at present drive belt ignores air con. Yes I have a dial for each side and not the digital displays.
Omega heater problem - Sooty Tailpipes
If its warm for a bit and cools down, it sounds as though the water is flowing too slowly into the matrix? and the heat built up is cooling down once the blowers are on.

the controls with dials signifies vacuum operated, but I don't know where the pipes are under the bonnet.

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