weston to clevedon M5 - flatfour
Sat for 40 mins northbound today, lots of cones and contraflow a pretty young lady in a Porsce but no road workers.

Ahhh the ministry of transport were just having a laugh.

Traffic calming at its best.
weston to clevedon M5 - ndbw
Same road ie M5 but different comment,last time I used it noticed a Stretch with Chevrons painted on the road surface and a sign pointing out that they where there to give a guide to keeping a safe distance,not a bad idea much better than the proliferation of speed limits on the A358 between Williton and Taunton that have been imposed against the advise of the Somerset Police but in spite of this the county council having installed the signs against advice are refusing to reconsider them

weston to clevedon M5 - David Horn
Aren't the chevrons on the M6? I think the chevrons are a fantastic idea - people do use them and keep a safe distance apart - hence the traffic flow is smoother and safer than before.
weston to clevedon M5 - pdc {P}
Aren't the chevrons on the M6? I think the chevrons
are a fantastic idea - people do use them and keep
a safe distance apart

In all my years of driving between J18 and J19 of the M6, I have never ever seen anyone keep apart by 2 chevrons, and looking in the rear view you can tell more easily that the clown behind is just 1/2 chevron behind you.

PS - I once counted them. There were exactly 100!
weston to clevedon M5 - footy_72
this bit of motorway is almost always stuffed, even when there aren't the obligatory roadworks. best thing to do is come off at W-S-M, take the A370 towards Bristol, after 8 miles pop into my place for a bite to eat and a drink, and then join the M5 again at Gordano.
weston to clevedon M5 - Stargazer {P}
My parents live in this neck of the woods, unfortunately in the case of a single accident between junction 21 (WSM) and 16 (M4)the whole motorway becomes gridlocked rapidly, the traffic then diverts through Bristol gridlocking the A370 and A38 in turn. Under these conditions it can take over 2 hours to travel from J21 along the A370 towards Congresbury, a distance of 4 miles!

Absolute nightmare in summer.

Ian L.
weston to clevedon M5 - jeds
I drive this stretch of road often. A few years ago, on a Bank Holiday Saturday, the traffic heading South was particularly bad. I arrived at the problem - cones - just in time to see a police car driving very slowly down the inside lane with his colleague walking in front kicking cones over the side of the motorway into the ditch at the bottom of the bank. He looked stressed but he was kicking so hard the cones were taking off like a goal kick. I think it was helping. He had done about a quarter of a mile and had about another quarter mile to go. I smiled all the way to Taunton.

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