VW Fuel Filter Replacement - Graham
Is there a site that you could recommend to do the above.

My Sharan won't start and I think it maybe a filter blockage. Its a disel BTW.

VW Fuel Filter Replacement - guss
if a search on this site fails to produce any info try one of the following


tdi club is a us site but lots of info for vw especially service advice, FAQS etc. hopr this helps
VW Fuel Filter Replacement - Graham

I wasn't sure what the replacement entailed.

After getting one from Halfords it was obvious and very easy to do.

Relase the clamp holding the filter, then a hose clip for each of two small pipes and an "r" clip holding a further pipe acrosss the top.

Easy job, filled the filter with veggie oil, so that there wasn't too much air to bleed.

Seems to be OK now. Hope that was the problem and not just an intermittant fault!


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