Vectra 2.0Dti Glow Plugs - Dean01
Hello again.

I have a Glow Plug problem...... I have waited until the outside temp is below 2 degrees, (cold engine), put a test lamp between the 12v feed and earth, and then got the ignition switched on. There is no feed whatsoever to the Glow Plugs, not even for a second. (and no lamp on the dash).
Vaux. suggested I change the 'Glow Plug control module', as this is the 'only' thing it can be.......Guess what, £33 later, still no Glow plugs.

The Engine Management lights up after starting each morning and stays on for a couple of mins, just to remind me it still needs sorting out!
Had the fault code read, Fault code reader said = 'GLOW PLUG FAULT' (Lickily I didn't have to pay for this info!)

Does anyone know of any other relays in the system? (the 30 Amp fuse is intact.)

Car starts ok at the moment, but come Jan/Feb and our serious frosts, it could be a different matter!!

Which ambient temp sensor feeds info to the glow plug module?, (dear god, please please please tell me it's not part of the MAF...!!!)

Thanks in advance for any light anyone can throw....

Vectra 2.0Dti Glow Plugs - CarlW
Hi Dean
As the mornings have got colder, I have also noticed that i have no glow plug light and although the car starts ok it coughs and splutters for about 20 seconds every morning. After that drives perfect!

Did you manage to sort yours out, if so what was wrong??

Or any idea's anyone else??

Vectra 2.0Dti Glow Plugs - Dean01
Still trying to find the fault, after replacing a perfectly good Pre Heat Control Module......I'll keep you posted
Vectra 2.0Dti Glow Plugs - Backo
The heater plugs will come live when you crank the engine, have you tested this?
Vectra 2.0Dti Glow Plugs - Spanner Jack
The glow plug timer module has a feed from the coolant temperature sensor on some vehicles (eg Isuzu engined Astra, Corsa & Combo). Not sure of the Vectra, though.

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