bangernomics - David
The autotrader is stuffed full of £1,500 cars with 12 months MoT.

Please keep buying new cars all you people so that I can enjoy low cost motoring for years to come.

Last year someone did the whole side of my banger in B&Q's car park, the front wing, both doors, the back panel - not bad - just cosmetic, no probs with MoT.

Imagaine if this had been a much newer car bought with my own money.

A proper repair {no filler} would have cost £1000s.

Neither the shop managmant or the rozzers wanted to know.

Another advantage of bangernomics !!!!!!!!!!!
Re: bangernomics - chris watson
what i call bangernomics, is the cars i see in the under £1000 section of autotrader, currently you can buy a SAAB 9000i, with 112.000 miles, but it has FULL SAAB SERVICE HISTORY, and you can buy it for £795 ono, which is what i call cheap.
Re: bangernomics - honest john
James Ruppert turned his Bangernomics book into a website. I think the URL is, but it might be

Re: bangernomics - RichardM
Re: bangernomics - Andrew Hamilton
Intrigued how someone could hit so many bits of your car. Did they take a dislike to you on sight or was it several cars hitting you while trying to turn the corner. Was it Wednesday - granny day?
Re: bangernomics - Paul
Current fleet:
Saab 9000CSE 109,000 miles, perfect in most respects= 800 or so quid, apparently.
Ford Orion 1.6 Ghia 140,000 miles = 100 quid or so.
Cosmetic care value on both= nil
Disposable cars are without doubt the way forward!
Re: bangernomics/car park dents - steve paterson
Dangerous places, car parks. I worked as a 'fleet' mechanic for a while. (about 300 cars) At least once a week a car would be brought to the workshop with damage ranging from a missing wheeltrim to a near write off. Buckled wheels, dented roofs, missing wings and so on. Usually the driver claimed that he had parked at Sainsbury's and just popped in for a pint of milk, and when he came out, the car was like this.
Re: bangernomics - chris watson
also when the "old banger" give up the ghost, you can sell the parts off.
Re: bangernomics - David

Actually it was granny day, Wednesday,

I had taken my aunt so that I could use her card - I saved about £12.00

There was an empty space next to my car in the middle of a row - it was about dusk too.

I can only assume that someone tried to reverse into the space.

May front wing was hardly touched, the groove got deeper and deeper and stopped at my rear wheel arch.?


Re: bangernomics - Dave
BOught a Rover 414 13 months ago. I've had less trouble than mates who bought new/recently used cars.

After 12,000 miles it's still seems OK!

Plus I saved enough cash to put a 13 grand deposit on a house yesterday.
Re: bangernomics - Phil Goodacre
I used to drive bangers as my everyday cars when I ran a classic car. Always kept them in decent nick though and the thought of someone driving down the side leaving the sort of damage David describes, would still result in red mist decending. Nowadays I drive what I like, usually 12 months old so the first owner has taken the biggest depreciation hit, rarely have any problems. I keep them about 2 years or until I get bored. I find myself avoiding 'Montego man' in car parks though as he seems to have no respect for other folks cars. Maybe it's because he has no respect for his own.
Re: bangernomics - chris watson
i have just seen a rover 416gti automatic, full leather, pas, full electrics, lots of history, no rust, 81000 miles but the engine was rebuild two month ago, and at only £599, who cares about what happens to it (as long as its not stolen)
Re: bangernomics - Richard Hall
Bangernomics is nothing to do with James Ruppert, it's me. I never even realised he wrote a book of that title - I must have read a review years ago and just remembered the name, so I ended up using it as the title for my own site. Hope he doesn't sue.......

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