Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - mike_redman
I have today serviced my sisters ford KA, but in doing the oil change, (which I hate doing, so I did it first) I came across a small problem. The oil filter is well and truely STUCK!! I've tried all manner of removal tools, even tried (as a very last resort) pushing a screwdriver through it to leaver it round with, all with little success! (I think it's moved about 1/4 of a turn!)

I now have a mangled oil filter still stick to the car!! If anyone's got any suggestions on how I may be able to remove it I'd be very grateful!!

Having serviced many cars in my life, I will not be defeated by this one!!

(Just to check, they are a standard Right hand thread on a ford KA oil filter aren't they?)
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Armitage Shanks{P}
One used to be able to buy a filter removal tool which was either a thick webbing strap or, preferably, a length of cycle chain which would geometrically lock onto the canister and enable one to twist it off. If you have done the screwdriver thru and turn bit one of these may not help. You presumably have the replacement filter to hand? You should be able to see which sort of thread it is (Left/right)
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Kingpin
Try a filter removal tool - Halfords sell one that is a small chain with a half inch drive head. Wrap it round the filter and tighten it round (anti-clockwise) and it should grip and start to move the filter off. I am 99% certain the KA is anti-clockwise filter removal as with nearly all Fords.
Usually you can get good grip using disposable gloves which helps, but if you have mangled the filter with a screwdriver you may have to invest in a removal tool.
When you fit the new one just hand tighten a further half turn once the filter begins to grip.
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - madf
I find these very difficult to get off with a Halfords chain wrnech.. and found a rubber banedd one designed to open screw top jars was much easier to use.

Most kitchens have one.. I did not tell my wife and replaced it after cleaning the oil off it:-)

Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - jc
It's anti-clockwise as are all other filters.
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Claude
I sympathise, sometimes this can be a real problem. However, if you are really sure that you have already achieved a quarter turn the rest should not be difficult. I cant remember the exact location of the Ka filter but for anything thats awkward to reach the only solution is a device that will fit onto a normal socket system. (In my experience chain wrenches give a poor purchase compared to a DRY band working on a cleaned-up filter barrel.) There are basically two types: one that wraps a band around the filter and the other type that has three claws that grip the end of the filter. If the filter is small or has already been distorted (by using a screwdriver!) use the 'band' type rather than the claw type. Rest assured that a band type WILL get the filter off but you may need to have a supply of different length extension bars and more than one ratchet (for example where the handle of the ratchet can be moved out of its 90 degree angle with the ratchet head) in order to get the maximum purchase and, in some cases, might have to disconnect adjacent cables or engine ancillaries, in order to have sifficient space to rotate thesocket tool.
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - henry k
Previous item on the subject.

The spider is not cheap in Halfords. I have since found one for £6/7 and used it for the first time on a Focus which has the filter at the back of the engine.
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Hugo {P}
As a last resort, I would suggest light and careful tapping with a chisel to force it off anti clockwise.

I had exactly the same problem with the accumulator sphere on the Xantia. The thing seemed to be friction welded on. I even tried one of those Boa Constricter tools, all to no effect.

In the end I read off the Andyspares forum that several people had succeeded with this method, a little later I joined their ranks.

As the oil filter is more fragile, I would suggest you make a small impression with the chisel to give yourself something to push against, then use this to tap and lever it off.

However, the screwdriver trick never failed me, though nowadays I tend to use a chain wrench. Have you thought of a scaffold bar or something to give you more leverage?

Or secondly, get an assistant to hold the oil filter while you turn the car!


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Ivor E Tower
Is this the so-called "Boa constrictor"? - this is a magic device that no tool box should be without. I have 2 different sized ones, small for jars etc and large for various other things - should be ideal for removing stuck oil filters!
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Sooty Tailpipes
Maybe if you rip the filter off the base, (which is a thick bit with a ring of holes around the large centre threaded hole) you can just concentrate on tapping the base round with a tool, or locking something into the holes.

Or maybe a hairdryer or hot air gun would heat the filter enough to soften the o-ring.
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - colin macdonald
in an extreme case you may have to get heat in to the filter ,the cause of this problem is that the person who fitted it failed to smear the sealing ring with oil before installation,i have once in my career had to take the propane bottle to a filter to heat the rubber ring ,this is not safe or recomended as an oil fire is a terrible thing to have running around your personal space but if all else fails it is a drastic last resort but a very efective one
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - madf
Before you resort to dangerous methods such as fire, perhaps you may consider the following: apologies if some are obvious but ..
1. ensure you know exactly which way you should be rotating it.. it should be anti clockwise when viewed from behind the filter looking at the engine.
(sorry sounds obvious - your small move may just have tightened it)
2. before using fire, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes and using a rubber band on the neck of the bag, surround the filter with the bag. Close neck with rubber band. Leave for 30 minutes.

3. Then remove bag and dry filter thoughly.

4. Wrap some very coarse rope (old canvas ) made of cord - not mylon round the filter.. several times. Tie knot in end

5 Insert screwdriver in knotted end and rotate screwdriver several times until the rope is tightly stretched over the filter.

(you will obviously have to experiment with how much rope you need .. I would suggest 6 turns round the filter should give average leverage.
7. Try to rotate the filter using the screwdriver as a lever. (you may need a long lever and I know access is difficult.. I hoope you have ramps or the ability to jack it well up off the ground.. this is best done underneath the car with your head pointing to the rear so you can see your hands as they do all this. A pit would be even better)

8. If this does not work, try the smae trick but use very hot water instead of ice.. but since the problem has been caused by heat effectively welsing the runbber washer to the engine I think cold is more likely to be a> safer and b> more successful.

I had this problem on a Fiesta and solve dit using a pit and the string trick coupled with a hammer and scrwdriver which was very messy. Since then I have used my wife's rubber band jar openere which gives best grip and leverage...:-)

I cannot recommensd any form of blowtorch.. you are asking for a major fire, dmage to wiring or worse to yourself..

Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Ppaul
I have always found a piece of coarse wet & dry wrapped around the filter very effective. You can actually grip the thing yourself rather than using a tool.

Doesn't work if you've got big hands and no room to move though!

Worth a try anyway
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - Dan G
did you manage to get it off ? If so how ?
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - borasport20
Dan, I was just thinking the same myself.

Come on Mike, you've got to tell us !

Bora - what Bora ?
Really silly problem with ford KA !HELP! - pastyman
Hi Mike,
As another last resort, if the filter casing splits/mangles/whatever, try getting what you can off of the filter. Then try a Dremel multi or similar on the part of the filter that has the rubber seal on it, a few small cuts will significantly weaken the seal, then you should be able to unscrew the filter, this is all access permitting of course.

Hope this helps, Pastyman.....

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