Skoda Octavia TD 130 - belledog
Great car apart from a fright after 1000 miles from new.

On accelerating a bang from the engine occurred with almost complete loss of power and excessive smoke from the exhaust. I couldn't see the car behind.

I suspected a blown piston ring.

The AA man fixed it in 1 minute by replacing the air induction pipe to the Turbo unit that had blown off due to an insecure clip.

No problems since
Skoda Octavia TD 130 - AlanGowdy
My car's got one of those engines. A motorway run of 80 mph cruising, with occasional sprints to 100, and the computer telling me that the trip consumption was over 50 mpg still amazes me.
Skoda Octavia TD 130 - Roger Jones
I had a ride in an Octavia taxi in Crete from Hora Sfakion on the south coast, over the mountains to Hania airport. A great car it is indeed. The roadholding, stability and quality of ride on that testing route were superb; the driver was pushing it and as a passenger I felt very secure and comfortable. I doubt there's much to beat it in its class and, when price is taken into account, it's almost a no-brainer.
Skoda Octavia TD 130 - bertj
Get your dealer to check the ecu fault codes. This incident may have been logged in the computer memory and might (only might) influence how the engine runs until the fault code has been cleared. In other words, the engine may not 'know' that the problem has been fixed.
Brilliant car, I had the 110bhp version and am very sorry I traded it for a Passat.

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