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Hi All,

Just wondering. Is it possible to have alloys reconditioned? By accident I scuffed the front passenger side alloy up a curb and it looks bit rubbish. Just wondering if they can be fixed rather than spend £200 - £300 getting a new one. The damage occurred around the outside edge of the wheel.
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Yes they can; so far I have found a company on www called wickedwheels but they have failed to return my voicemail message (a few weeks back now). There are others too. Haven't yet enquired at tyre co's as to what arrangements they may have, but by all accounts it will cost about £40 for one wheel to be refurbished.
Can anyone else offer alternatives?
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I had kerb damage on an alloy repaired and I was very pleased with the result. I had a painted bumper scratch repaired at the same time and with the wheel repair, it cost £100.
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I checked into this recently and found prices per wheel ranging from £25ish to over £60. The best place for my purposes is a back-street operation in Apsley, Hemel Hempstead: B.J. Vallack Engineering. No shiny premises but they do nothing but refurbish alloys and, according to others (including my Porsche-dealer neighbour), quality second to none, and the price quoted is very reasonable
Fix my alloy - winston
Thanks for the Info.

Next time I'm down that neck of the woods I will drop by to see what they can do.

Fix my alloy - Roger Jones
Don't bet on finding them open. It's little more than a one-man operation and he works strange hours. He's good at responding to e-mails though. If you do pay a visit, the car accessory shop on the main road will tell you where they are.
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Ask at your local independent tyre fitters, I'm sure they will know someone.
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Is it possible to have alloys reconditioned? >>

Winston - look up HJ's FAQ (link on left),
" Q5 : Who repairs minor damage to my car, its trim and its wheels at less cost than a garage or bodyshop?
Answer: For repairs to damaged alloy wheels, try ... etc. "
Fix my alloy - winston
Nice one. Should have looked there!!

What a good site this is!

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