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advance or retard? - chris rabson
My 1949 triumph roadster has been converted to run on unleaded,should I change the ignition timing,Ithink it is pinking.
advance or retard? - David Lacey
Retard it slightly until the pinking disappears
Re: advance or retard? - Andy Bairsto
David has given you your answer I would just like to say what a superb car you must have .I had a 1952 TR2 but was unable to afford to store it at the time .I once saw the car used in the Bergerac series it was a rust bucket I do not know what happenedto it maybe it was restored .Those loveley two big dials and that wonderful steering wheel ,I am green with envy I hope you have many happy years of pleasure with this wonderful car.And not forgetting the dicky seats
Re: advance or retard? - chris watson
the one from bergerac was restored, as it was on show in jersey and guernsey when i was holidaying there.

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