astra brake light problem - pomfretion
Can anyone suggest a solution to my problem with the brake lights on my son's 1.6 P reg Astra premier, Im minding the car for him whilst he's working away, It,s not getting a lot of running coupled with me being away on holiday, when I came back and tried to start It the battery was'nt up to the job, now normally I would just put the jump leads on it but I'd had this gadget in the boot for ages unused that works by transfering power via the cigar lighter sockets, the Idea is to just plug in and wait for enough power to flow into the duff battery, anyway It did'nt work and so resorted to the trusty jump leads, the problem now is that the brake lights won't go out as soon as the ignition is turned on, my own theory is that it may have blown a diode allowing power to flow from another source and feed the brake lights, but where are they located and what do they look like? or am I on the right track? if there is any auto electricians out there or some knowledgeable enthusiasts I'd be grateful for some ideas thanks in anticipation a Pomfrecian.
astra brake light problem - Sooty Tailpipes
It will most likely be the BOO (brake on/off) sensor on the brake pedal.
It is a black switch with a white plastic spring-loaded peg which is pushed in by a brake deal coming up, as teh pedal is pressed, the pedal moves away and the peg moves out via its spring in the seitch and the brake light comes on.

try disconnecting this switch to see if the lights go out.
Sometimes the peg sticks, and can be WD40'd as a temporary measure.

Good luck!
astra brake light problem - Dynamic Dave
As "Sooty Tailpipes" suggests, more than likely the switch on the pedal. Disconnect the wires to it and see if the brake lights remain on.

With regard to your battery charger gizmo, the reason it probably didn't work is due to the cigarette lighter socket on the Astra only works with the ignition turned on. The power from your battery was only getting as far as the end of the plug that you inserted into the Astra's cigarette lighter.
astra brake light problem - pomfretion
Thanks guys, switch was problem but not sticking, somehow a clearance between pedal and switch plunger had occured,even with pedal fully raised, got round it by supergluing extension cap on plunger end rather than adjusting servo rod, don't think switch bracket had bent as far too robust,strange as problem was new and car stood for most of the time. thanks again for pointing in right direction. Pomfretion
astra brake light problem - Peter D
Don\'t like sudden movement of pedal theory. I would look at the switch carefully some have the plunger adjustable by just pulling on it it extends then when the pedal first presses on it it finds its own length in 2mm type clicks. Regards Peter

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