V6 HT leads - Jonathan
Hi all

I have undertaken some DIY work in an attempt to stop the misfiring on my MX6.

This morning I changed the HT Leads.

i think I have done it correclty, but when I took the dissy ends off I forgot to check which end for 5 and 3 go in which socket on the dissy. I have swapped them but the engine doesnt sound rough on either. The leads are all numbered so I know the are correct in the plugs (and they are all different lengths, so can only fit one way).

The leads are 1,3 and 5 on the front block, 2, 4 and 6 on the back. However, on the dissy, the leads go in a different order. something like 2, 3 and 5 on the top and 1, 4 and 6 on the bottom.

Does anyone know which way round the should be?

My friendly mickannenick is away today, so I cant ask him.

Many Thanks


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