rally/race days. - chris watson
does anybody know a good rally/race day, the problem i have is that i am 6'6", and all the race days i have rang say you must be a maximum of 6'5".
Re: rally/race days. - Tom Shaw
Hit yourself on the head with a wooden mallet, as hard as you can. This should take care of that unwanted inch.
Re: rally/race days. - chris watson
i thought that would give you a bump on the head, which might give you an extra inch or two.
Re: rally/race days. - Andy Bairsto
do not forget you must have licence and be over three years old I think you will have problem on both counts
look everyone, mr bairsto is at it again. - chris watson
look you loser, i only want some advice, not your stupid remarks, if you do not have a good answer, then just say nothing.
Re: rally/race days. - chris watson
i wish i could say what i really think about you andy, but that would make this a 18 year olds only website.
Re: rally/race days. - Andy Bairsto
I wiil call a truce with you if you stop puting stupid messages on this webb site .The imformation you require is availabe to all who require it .Surely you must know what is happening in your area better than most of us .Look in your paper ,look on the internet ,look in the better national papers and magazines .I do not dislike you ,I have better thinks to do in my life than having vendettas but you leave yourselve open to riddicule sometimes :I suggest you think a liitle before you rush to the keyboard ,anything humerous we are all interested and any genuine problem there are many people who will rush to your assistance including myself (but only if we think it is genuine)We are all different people with different thoughts on polotics ,religion etc but what we have in common is that no matter where we live we are all overpriced under pressure motorist looking to help each other.Please accept this in the spirit that it is meant and have a good evening.
regards Andy Bairsto
Re: rally/race days. - chris watson
ok, lets have a truce, i will stick to helping others etc.
Re: rally/race days. - chris watson
i want to know about the good companies, my sister got a rally day, but the rally school ran away with her money, and we never heard from them again, so i dont want this to happen to me.
Re: rally/race days. - Andy Bairsto
look in the Daily telegraph on saturdays and sundays they often advertise race days and rally days plus the chance to drive exotic sports cars at reasonable prices .I think you live in the north of England ,there is a race track by York and one by north of Edinburgh Knock hill were they offer many different services at reasonable prices .On this subject I cannot help you any more perhaps other contibutors can.
Re: rally/race days. - Stuart B
Giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Some of these jokers offering rally days are not much more than regular clubmen with a venue. You read the advert and think... who??

Personally I would buy one of the specialist weekly motorsport papers which have event reports and look for a school run by a recognised "name." It might take you a few weeks to suss out who are the "names". It will be more expensive and you run the risk that the instructor is not the "name" but some joker. But if you have a bad experience, the owner has reputation to lose and hopefully will employ people who can a) drive and b) teach which is actually the difficult bit.

If you are going to spend several hundred quid on basically what is just a fun day out, which is all it will be unless you seriously want to take up the sport, then I think that distance should almost be no object. Plus if its a long way away budget for a couple of nights B&B as you will be bushed otherwise.

And if they say they can do tank driving experiences and have a pink Chieftain then get the barge pole ready, sorry no malice intended, could not resist it.

Best regards,
Re: rally/race days. - Sandy
As an alternative to Knockhill, which can be a little intimidating, see www.crailthrash.co.uk
Re: rally/race days. - honest john
Autocar does the best listings of track days, etc., but a story in The Telegraph on Saturday gave Association of track Day Organisers at www.atdo.co.uk and for a full listing of events: www.track-days.co.uk Quite a few guys club together and buy cheap fast-ish cars, such as ex-police Vectra SRI 150s (if you can stand the ludicrous understeer) for a gripper or two and use them. The lack of a sunroof should give Chris a bit more room up top. Or, if you have a bit more money, buy a car from a defunct one make one model race series which will at least have a proper roll cage and safety equipment. Ads for these in Motoring News.


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