autogas conversion - Bill Brown
HI, John. Will you give an opinion on the conversion from petrol to LPG, cost to convert £1500. Vehicle Honda CRV. Approxiate MPG 27.I appreciate the ecological benefits.Are there any possible problems apart from a small loss of boot space? On 12000 miles per year, how long to recover conversion cost?Is the government liable to increase tax on gas if more people convert? Thank you Bill.
RE: autogas conversion - Honest John
Dear Bill,

Of course the Government will increase tax on LPG if significantly more people use it. The reasons are partyly to recoup lost tax revenue and partly to slow down the sale of LPG because, like diesel, there is a limit to the amout of LPG which can be refined from every barrel of crude or which simply exists as an oilfiled gas. I don't think you drive far enough for a conversion to be worthwhile. And in any case Honda may not approve the conversion. They don't for their VTEC engines.