Honda CRV - HectorG
I took a new CRV i-VTEC SE Sport manual for a test drive this morning and was very impressed with the driving experience - nice gearchange, good ride, reasonable steering and, of course,the elevated driving position.All in all it is very easy to drive with lots of space and a good boot.

I'm considering it as a replacement for a 13 year old Volvo 740 estate. Although the Volvo is very thirsty I would expect to use the Honda a lot more and so the fuel consumption is quite an important consideration.

I know that some regular contributors to the Backroom have CRV's.Any advice on real-world mpg figures would be much appreciated. Is the official combined figure of 31 mpg actually obtainable. The vehicle will be used mainly in a rural situation on reasonably quiet A-roads with occasional motorway use.

Any other general comments would be welcome, including anything from backroomers who have tested the CRV and its rivals and gone for an alternative.

BTW the Freelander is not an option in view of the awful reports I have read on this and other sites.

Looking forward, as always, to the usual very helpful replies.

Honda CRV - Woody
We bought one new back in May, the exact model you mention and it has been flawless.

My wife drives it in typical suburban traffic and we do longer runs at the weekend. Average mpg around 28 mpg, with upto 35 on longer trips.

Previously we had a Freelander TD4, with all the problems one comes to expect. That said, Freelander was fantastic in last winter's snow and floods and I am not convinced the CRV will cope the same given the petrol engine's revvy characteristics and the more road suited tyres. CRV is a soft roader and no more.

For the type of driving you describe though, I would say the CRV is perfect.
Honda CRV - Woody
Forgot to mention, we also tried a Nissan X-Trail 2.2 D which we liked and was more akin to a Freelander in driving experience i.e. pleasant but a bit agricultural.

We liked the boot space, but thought the interior was very low budget against the CRVs. Hated the centrally placed instruments.

Honda CRV - HectorG
Thanks Woody

Surprised to get so little feedback.

Anyway, the dealer informs me the new 2.2 diesel will be available next May. I think it might be worth the wait as the reports I,ve seen suggest it will be a cracker.

Honda CRV - Nortones2
If its the 2.2 diesel in a car, then wise choice. Acqaintance was pestered by her other half to get rid of new model Civic and buy a CRV. He lives in the US, and must have been addled by SUVdom. As it didn't corner, was hard to place accurately. and drank like a fish (25 instead of 35-40mpg), she went back to a Civic again.
Honda CRV - Godfrey H {P}
I had an email from a CRV owner complaining bitterly about 14 mpg and poor build quality.
Honda CRV - Woody
To clear up a few points:

14 mpg? That would have been the old model CRV with a 4 speed auto and house brick dynamics. It was notoriously thirsty.

The new "i-VTEC" engine with a manual box will give 25 mpg local and 30+ mpg on the open road.

If you can wait for the diesel then do. Diesel suits a 4X4 better and the Honda diesel engine is a cracker according to Accord reports.

Our deadline was an expiring 3 year warranty on a Freelander - and you don't get many deadlines more urgent than that!

One small moan on the current CRV is the small fuel tank which takes around £37.00 of ULP. My Audi A4 takes £52.00. Frequent stops are a bit tiresome on a long run.

Summary: Petrol CRV excellent, Diesel CRV probably perfect.
Honda CRV - Claybuster
Bought a new CRV a month ago, traded in a VW Bora. Very pleased with the CRV, getting around 29-30 on a manual one. Off to Norfolk at the weekend to see family,first long run it will be interesting to see what the consumption works out at. All in all though very pleased with the Honda
Honda CRV - HectorG
Thanks for that Claybuster.

I would be very interested to know what youy get mpg-wise on your trip to Norfolk.Please post the results if you work it out.

In normal use I would have thought the 29-30 mpg you are getting is pretty good.


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