97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - LHM
Shortly to work in Ireland for 6 months, I'll be taking my current car with me, and need a 'runabout' to leave at home.

Looking at the Autotrader website, I noticed (to my surprise) that 'facelifted' 97MY Mondeos with around 100k on the clock are now going for less than £1500.

I know that the used car market is 'under pressure' nowadays, but this does seem to represent a very good deal. I remember test driving one of these Mondeos in 1998 and was quite impressed at the time.

Can anyone give an opinion on what they're like at this mileage - and whether the 1.8 or 2.0 engine is 'preferred' (the less said about the diesel, the better...).

Many thanks.
97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - madf
Budget for
New coolant hoses
New front disks and pads
New cambelt and tensioner (check if replaced)
New battery?
Tyres and exhaust

You could be ok or have littel change from £600 if all need to be done..

New dampers all round

Unless it has a fsh and these have been changed..

Check engine noises.

Check clutch - ESSENTIAL £500 to change it..engine out job

Check radiator for rusted seams /leaking anti freeze

Air con? working?
Heater? working

97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - Onetap
I bought a 96 mondeo with 86,000 miles a couple of years ago. Passed 100,000 with no major traumas, other than the auto gearbox giving up, tut. Seems they're only reckoned to be good for 100,000. If you buy a manual you have a different set of problems with the clutch.

New exhaust, tyres as required. A good car, IMHO, bought on HJ's recommendation. Ta, HJ.
97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - Maz
The Mondeo is probably the best second hand bargain going. You'll probably get a better deal at auction though, when a bunch of ex company cars go under the hammer - see HJ's auction reports.

Save youself £500 and get warranted mileage, you will...

As Yoda might say.
97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - Pugugly {P}
An N reg non-ecotec Cavalier would be my choice.
97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - Armitage Shanks{P}
I think that the Mondeo clutch is only expensive (many hours labour) on the diesel but somebody will probably put me right on this?
97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - LHM
Re buying at auction:

One of the problems with auctions is that you can't test drive the vehicle before it goes under the hammer, and cars of this age/mileage are usually sold 'as seen'. Whilst I accept that there could be bargains to be had, I would probably buy privately - at least I could give that clutch a good old workout!

My feelings are that many auction cars of this ilk are overdue expensive repairs.......... :-(
97 Mondeo 100k £1500 Bargain/Liability? - Chris75
Re buying at auction:

My feelings are that many auction cars of this ilk are
overdue expensive repairs.......... :-(

When I traded in my 98R Mondeo (98000 miles), it required about £600.00 worth of repairs for it's MOT including the Cat.

Other things like air con were also not working.

No doubt that the Dealer just sent it to auction.

Value my car