Which Mondeo? - steveb36
I'm up to buy a new Mondeo diesel.

I'll be doing 30k miles per year, mostly motorway, and I'm debating either the 115bhp or 130bhp dci unit is best.

Ford are currently offering 2.5k off the 2003 model year Ghia, in effect old shape, plus any dealer discount.

Has anyone got any advice on which engine to go for and if there is a great difference between the 2003/2004 model apart from cosmetic changes and a few more extras.

Which Mondeo? - Dan J
Steve - you'll be damned lucky.

I work for Ford and get additional discount as well - my mother used this at the start of the new September reg to buy a pre 2004 MY Mondeo TDCi. She wanted a TDCi Ghia but there wasn't a single one in the North West left. She ended up buying a 115bhp TDCi Zetec which has a £1,900 rebate. At the time the garage had only one other in and that was the third dealership she tried, none of the others having a single pre 2004 car left.

All the 130bhp engines went to the fleets first and I don't imagine for a single moment you'll find a 2003 car with this engine and certainly no 6 speed gearboxes.

Best thing you can do is ring round all your local dealers to see what they have in and decide from there - you may find some have a couple remaining but you'll be choosing out of them as opposed to selecting all configurations from your end!

Good luck...
Which Mondeo? - steveb36

What is performance like - and economy? Does it live up to Ford's blurb?

Which Mondeo? - Dan J
We have both 115 and 130bhp TDCi engined cars in our pool fleet. Both surprisingly fast and with amazing torque once you get used to keeping it above about 1800rpm as with so many turbo diesels these days. Although there is obviously a horse power difference, the 115 feels as fast as the 2.0 petrol and the 130 faster. The 115bhp engine doesn't come with the 6 speed box as standard (from memory) but the diesels work much better with this box than they do the 5.

The Ghias all have a trip computer and they all seem to show between 45 and 55mpg. My mum's 115TDCi does about 49mpg from brim-to-brim calculations but the engine should loosen up later on and this is with aircon on permanently.

Hope that helps!
Which Mondeo? - steveb36
Thanks Dan.

As you work for Ford what are the rules for Ford Ticket purchases.
A friend of mine's grandad has offered me a ticket if I want it - can I use it or do I need to be related? Do the dealers turn a blind eye just to get a sale?

I don't want to do anything illegal but if there is more discount to be had I'll be first in the queue!!

Which Mondeo? - Dan J
Find info detailed below - Ford are unbelievably strict with this. A car can ONLY be purchased in the name of one of the people below and Ford will often ask for proof of the relationship if it is not a direct/same address relative. Employees have been sacked for abusing this and pensioners will lose any entitlement to this scheme likewise if they abuse it. Your friend's grandad would be the one in the wrong and personally I'd say don't bother.


You are immediately enrolled as a member of the Ford Privilege scheme as an employee of the Company. If you are a retired employee of the Company, or a surviving spouse in receipt of a 'Ford' pension, you also qualify.

You may, in addition, nominate qualifying relatives to benefit from Ford Privilege. Qualifying relatives are defined as people who have the following relationship with you:

Wife Brother Father
Husband Sister Mother
Son Brother in Law Father in Law
Daughter Son in Law Sister in Law
Mother in Law Daughter in Law Step Sister
Grandmother Grandson Step Brother
Grandfather Granddaughter Step Mother
Step Son Step Father Step Daughter
Niece Nephew

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