Police ARE human ... - Ian (Cape Town)
Interesting tale from the weekend. My brother, who lives in the South of England, watched the rugby twixt England and SA, then was on his way to Fratton Park to watch Portsmouth face Liverpool. He was stopped by Plod, and sat for a few seconds thinking "What did I do wrong?".
Plod walks up, says "Sorry to stop you, but I see you are wearing an England rugby jersey. What was the score, please?"
Police ARE human ... - Altea Ego
Rare these days. In my day (oh gawd I sound like Growler) they were much more human. If you got pulled, it was a stiff talking to and then 5 miles of being followed to make sure you got the message. Remember in a pub in the City of London closing time was early (21:00). Closing time comes, in walks two CoL constables (with funny helmets) doors closed and locked , and everyone inside was served till midnight. Now thats Human.
Police ARE human ... - Alan
I heard a story that many years ago before the 70mph speed limit came in a boring triumph saloon was being used to test an engine for a TR4 or TR6. They were doing over 100 on the motorway and were pulled by a copper who said "you have done nothing wrong I just wanted to know what sort of engine this thing has got".
Police ARE human ... - GrumpyOldGit
Also many years ago while a young lad in the Army I was out with 3 mates on a Wednesday afternoon heading for the pictures when I was pulled.

The copper wanted to know why he regularly saw several cars containing young blokes with short hair, obviously squaddies, out and about on Wednesday afternoons. Well, it's sports afternoon isn't it? Everyone knows that!

Thank you to the tax payers for my Wednesday afternoons off.


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