Booze Cruises - Huw
You can save a pile on Plonk. If, like me, you have no standards and can take pleasure from the sort of wine that sells for £3 - £4 a bottle in the UK you can pick it up in 5l cubis(Brown plastic barrels) for about £4 each. There is no 'deposit' on the barrel either. The advantage is that you do not waste good suspension capacity on glass but the disadvantage is that you have to 'bottle' it or drink it all in a day or so of opening it.
Booze Cruises - BrianW
Yes, wine is the great saver, even bottled at about a pound you can stock up with a couple of years moderate drinking at a time!
Booze Cruises - Vin {P}
Last time I went to Tesco in Calais, the wine that I drank most, Turning Leaf Cabernet Sauvignon was £2.59 vs £5.49 in UK. As this wine comes from Oz, it had been shipped to the UK, then over to Calais, from where I brought it back, still saving a packet. Most wine seemed to attract a similar saving.

The difference is caused by, 1. Duty and 2. Prices people are prepared to pay are higher in the UK than in France.

If you're interested in a comparison, (and I DON'T work for them) Tesco will send you a list of wine in their Calais store if you look at . Compare prices before you make the decision whether to go.
Booze Cruises - lezebre
Vin, Call me a pedant, but....

how can you not have noticed that your regular tipple in fact comes from the Gallo brother's little winery in California.


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