The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - Ian (Cape Town)
I thought I'd seen it all, but...
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - Marcos{P}
And the eyes light up too.
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - THe Growler
No AC Cobra replica is complete without one.

The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - BobbyG
Just thinking, would it not be possible for us all to get together and develop a "must have boy racer accessory" that no credible Saxo / Corsa would be seen without eg. neon windscreen washers etc.

Although, in our case, we could build in a destruction facility that after a certain period of time, it dissolves the car, bit by bit!!!

Any takers?
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - Phil I
They do not flash tho so I shall not buy one!!
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - Clanger
I've just placed my order ....

Stranger in a strange land
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - David Horn
The best bit of boy racer kit I can think of is a large metal spike protuding from the steering wheel - perhaps the idiot in the clapped out 1.1 F reg Nova won't be quite so keen to overtake me on a blind bend with traffic coming in the opposite direction.

I have an intense dislike for boy racers after one tried to do a handbrake turn into a parking space next to my car - he lost control and put an unpleasant dent into the rear door of my car. Turns out he'd only passed his test two weeks previously and his parents were not best pleased when I went to see them. They coughed up on the spot though, so they must have been expecting something like this.
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - LHM
Possibly even dafter than the early 80's trend for fitting a red light over the red oxide painted rear diff on Mark 2 Escorts :-)
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - NowWheels
Hmm, maybe it's not entirely stupid.

Looking at the picture, there is just no way I would touch a gearlever with a snake's head on top of it. I'm terrified of snakes (they're much much more scary even than spiders), and there's no way I'm going to touch a cold metal thing with snake shape and snake's eyes, just to make a car go. I think I'd be so frightened I'd not be able to drive properly.

The boy-racers may like that, to stop girls driving their cars -- so maybe I've just given them an extra reason to want one :(

But there might be a downside for them: I'd also not want to sit in the passengfer seat beside beside such a horrible monster on a stick. How many boy-racers want to make their cars into a place the girls won't enter? I thought half the idea of those cars was to lure us in (preferably into the back seat).

Unless I'm just an unusually snake-phobic girl, the cobra-headed gearlever may be a good way to keep a car girl-free. In fact, maybe I should persuade my friend with the wandering husband to instal one in her husband's car ....

Talking a load of Cobras - Dave E
Nothing to do with the above really, it made me smile though.
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - BaseRSXmanual
Haha that is nothing... Take a look at this!
The stupidest boy-racer kit ever? - GrumpyOldGit
You really need this to go with your fake intercooler kit.

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