Underseal paint for sills? - Pete
Could anyone please advise a brand name or place of supply, for the black underseal type paint for use on sills which dries to a crinkle effect finish ?
Thank you, Pete. petel@clara.co.uk
Underseal paint for sills? - ka razy
Hi Pete,going back a bit now,but this used to come in an spray called body shutz.Think you might struggle to find it nowadays though.My memories were using it to cover many a rotten sill on a mk11 escort!
Underseal paint for sills? - RogerL
Hammerite (or Hammarite) is the stuff you're talking about.
Underseal paint for sills? - Caveman
I believe Halfords sell it in aerosol format. Have you tried a Google search for either 'rubberised paint' or 'stonechip' paint?
Underseal paint for sills? - Sooty Tailpipes
Do you mean the flexable/elastic ant-chip underseal as seen on the bottom of most cars? This you can get from a car body factors, look in the yellow pages under MOTOR FACTORS for one that specialises in paint, filler, body panels and other sundries rather than spare parts an fluids, they will have the stuff you need.
Underseal paint for sills? - Pete
Thank you all for the replies. Now that I have a couple of names to go on, I will go out in the morning and see what I can find.
Thanks again, Pete.
Underseal paint for sills? - pastyman
The Hammerite version contains Waxoyl, a very effective rust preventitive treatment, obviously treat areas for rust if any, then treat with stonchip product from Hammerite and it will keep rust at bay and stop the chips. Recomended.

Underseal paint for sills? - stefaldo
hammerite mate best stuff
Underseal paint for sills? - Pete
Thanks to you all. I now have two different types of the stuff and more than enough to do the job.
Thanks again, Pete.

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