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Sorry I have to start with the basic stuff.

Freelander 1.8 petrol has (as I\'m sure they all do) a cover underneath obstructing access to sump plug and oil filter. Any ideas how to get it off without breaking it please ??

Secondly, after putting any old kind of Turbo Diesel oil in my Pug 405TD (1995 model) and it\'s now done 120K. Are there any benefits to putting Valvoline turbo diesel and Slick50 in it ? I intend to do a few more miles in it yet and it gets a good all round drive most of the year at various speeds etc.

Amatuer Servicing Question Lander&PugTD - elekie&a/c doctor
Yes ,your undertray looks like it is riveted on ,but it is in fact bolted along the front & rear.The only problem is that you need to raise the front of car to reach the rear bolts,& will find they all need a liberal spraying of rust penetrant cos they will all be partially seized.
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Think twice before using ptfe type additives, do a search on the net for \"snake oil slick 50\" in countries with better consumer laws, they have been fined heavily for lying, and also Dupont who makes PolyTetraFluoroEthylene has sued them for false claims and damaging their brand.

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